Belinda, shares a photo with fans, her character in the series

Belinda reappears in a new publication in which she shares more details with her followers about “Africa”, her character in the Netflix series: “welcome to eden“.

The singer Belinda appears in a comfortable blue outfit with a matching top and pants that reveal her defined waist and semi-wavy hair.

The “naturalized mexican“, shares more details of the new role that marks his return to the small screen in this new television series, after his past participation in soap operas, even series, film tapes, Belinda now collaborates with Netflix Spain in this new production.

AFRICA: Wayward, narcissistic, ambitious, reads the caption that accompanies the postcard on Instagram, from the pop singer’s official account.

Belinda, this is Africa, your character in Welcome to Eden. Photo: Capture Instagram

The brief description that accompanies the postcard of the remembered artist, is the personality of “Africa” ​​to whom the star who debuted at the age of ten in Mexico in children’s productions such as “Friends forever“(2000),” Adventures in time “(2001)” Accomplices to the rescue “(2002), will give life in the next fiction.

Later, the telenovela “Camaleones” would be the last project in which “Beli” would appear in front of the screen in Mexico, followed by other appearances in series and films such as “Guardianes de la Bahía” (2007), “Patito Feo”, among others.

Now the “songwriter“, today the interpreter of “Lies… Cabr*n”, is about to premiere the first season of the plot that promises to become very popular, mixing suspense and drama in it. Could it be that it will surpass “Elite” and “La Casa of paper”?

Under a blue sky and in the middle of a large garden, the recent postcard of Belinda Peregrín Schüll, born in Madrid on August 15, 1989, to whom 14.9 million subscribers follow in her footsteps, left a large number of reactions in which They expressed they hoped to meet her. Now!

“Too Beautiful! Let’s go with everything Beli, Africa a Star in paradise, Beautiful, How beautiful Africa is already my favorite, Africa: Famine, drought animals, Let’s go with everything Beli, I am very excited for Beli to see the series and meet I know I’m going to love Africa!” It is read in the comments.

It was just a day ago when the publication of the “L’Officiel model“, Grazia, XMAO, among other fashion editorials, accumulated a total of 259, 225 people who gave a Like, including Livia Brito.

The new production by Joaquín Gorriz and Guillermo López, directed by Daniel Benmayor and Menna Fité, also produced by Brutal Media, will be available from May 6 on the streaming service.

Belinda Peregrín will share credits with Amaia Berasturi, Amaia Salamanca, Sergio Momo, Begoña Vargas, Ana Mena, Berta Vázquez, Tony Aguilera, Albert Baró, Guillermo Pfening, Diego Garisa, Dariam Coco, Alex Pastrana and Berta Castañé, among others.

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