Belinda suffers from social media addiction in ‘Welcome to Eden’, a new Netflix series

Mexico.- Belinda is one of the protagonists of “Welcome to Eden”the new series of Netflix where she plays Africaan addict to social media that you can’t live a minute without your cell phone.

The artist returns to her facet as an actress in “Welcome to Eden” which will be available on Netflix starting this May 6, 2022.

Belinda plays Africa in the Netflix series “Welcome to Eden”./ Photo: Instagram

In addition to technology addiction, Belinda like Africa, and four other young people, Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi), Charly (Tomy Aguilera), Ibón (Diego Garisa) and Aldo (Albert Baró) They will live an experience in which they will have to survive far from the world they knew.

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After attending an exclusive party, the five young people who star in this Spanish production end up kidnapped on a paradisiacal island.

Albert Baró, Belinda, Tomy Aguilera, Diego Garisa and Amaia Aberasturi are the stars of “Welcome to Eden”./ Photo: Special

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Share Africa of all in social networks

About her character from Africa, Belinda gave an interview to Agencia Reforma in which she says that she plays an influencer who is addicted to social networks, contrary to her, who claims to be more shy.

“Africa loves to share everything. She takes a risk and carries a phone (smuggled) until she is arrested (in the series). She is an Influencer, Belinda is not, she has a more sensitive touch. I am much more shy of some way in many things, and yes, of course I have learned a lot from sharing information on networks, I know that you don’t have to share everything, you have to have something for yourself, for your privacy, for your peace of mind.

For the 32-year-old actress, posting every minute of life on social media is no longer a priority for her, and the hard way, she learned it.

Africa is the complete opposite of me, and that’s what’s fun. I know girls who cannot live without carrying their cell phones and without uploading something to their networks. They are addicted. Not everything should be shared, I already learned it,” Belinda said in an interview from Madrid.

Belinda in a scene from the new Netflix series “Welcome to Eden”./ Photo: Special

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Belinda’s character is key

Africa, a sophisticated but very foolish and sometimes reckless girl, will be a key character in the plot of “Welcome to Eden”, where, along with four other young people, they are chosen by the sect led by Astrid (Amaia Salamanca) and Erick (Guillermo Pfening).

The recruits do a behavioral and emotional analysis of each one through their social networks to detect their strengths and weaknesses and convince them that they were chosen for their virtues.

“Welcome to Eden” was already recording in February 2021./ Photo: Instagran

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They live ‘kidnapping’ on an island

The great conflict of “Welcome to Eden” occurs when young people escape from their daily routine and do not tell anyone where they are going, so when their relatives report them missing, no one would know where to start the search, because everyone was forbidden to carry their cell phones.

“The unconscious youth, yes, we have all been. That ‘I don’t tell my mom, I don’t tell my dad’. My clear example is my brother who had a time when he didn’t answer the phone, we didn’t know where I was there, and three hours later I answered and said: ‘Oh sorry!’ I have lived it, I have left without warning, it happens to all of us, but what matters is becoming aware and communicating, “said Beli.

At this exclusive party, Zoa, Charly, Ibón, Aldo and Africatry a drink called blue-eden which theoretically is an elixir, and after falling asleep, inmates wake up in the supposed paradise, which in the end, will become hell.

In addition to being one of the protagonists, Belinda sings the opening song of the series that is titled “Eden”and which she herself composed with Lucas Vidal.

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