Belinda wears a wine-colored swimsuit and they say she will ask for a boyfriend next year

Belinda she wears a wine-colored swimsuit and they say she will ask for a boyfriend next year. The beautiful singer is having a lot of fun to say goodbye to the old year and as she has shown in previous months, she is having a great time next to her friends.

In an Instagram story, Belinda shared the image of an impressive pool with a spectacular view of the sea, later the artist appeared swimming next to a friend.

Later, the actress of “Welcome to Eden” He shared another image where he poses next to three other friends and where it can be seen that he is wearing a full wine-colored swimsuit with a large opening in the abdomen, which shows his flat stomach.

The actress also shows off part of her hips, as well as her blonde hair and wears dark glasses; immediately, her fans reacted to her and she told her that she surely chose that color of swimsuit to attract the love next year.

Let’s remember that this year, the youthful actress ended her relationship with the regional Mexican music singer, Christian Nodal, to whom she was engaged, but now he is having an affair with Belinda. Later, the star shared a photo where he is wearing a pearl corseted dress, so he looked spectacular.


The star is a millionaire

According to the Celebrity Net Worth portal, the fortune that Belinda accumulated would be around 10 million dollars. However, at 33 years old, the young woman has a long future ahead of her, so her followers consider that this figure could increase considerably.

However, it has not been easy for the star since he has a karaokewhich is called “La Chismosa” and was inaugurated in 2014, which is located in San Jerónimo, in Mexico City.

Two years ago, the young woman also launched her own makeup line called Thaara Cosmetics, which is characterized by being free of animal cruelty, because products derived from animals are not involved in the creation process, nor are tests carried out with them.

As if that were not enough, Belinda owns a line of food supplements, which she launched in 2021 and is called Wonu, which are products made with collagen.

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