“Bell Tea” by Atomic Otro Way reaches 100 million views on YouTube

Atomic Another Way celebrates the success of their first viral track, “Bell Tea.” The music video has reached a new record, racking up 100 million views on YouTube. The anthem, which catapulted the young artist’s career internationally and, as a result, caused a great outpouring of interest in dembow music.

“Té de Campana” was released in 2015, becoming his first global hit and a dembow anthem, the song resonates within digital platforms.

The track managed to put Atomic on the map as the number one international dembow exporter and opened the door for their subsequent tracks to go viral. With this single, he conquered multiple markets, including Spain, Italy, Chile and Argentina, recognizing him as the leader of the dembow movement due to the freestyle and repetitive drilling techniques that the song entails.

Recently, he released his song “Tigre”, along with Lírico En La Casa. The track arrived just in time for the artist’s summer tour of Europe, where he premiered the single live for the first time. “Té de Campana”, “Conejita” and “No me cotizo” are also part of his successful repertoire that Atomic has been presenting to the public throughout Spain. New dates and cities will be added to the Euro Tour soon.