Bella Hadid poses in lingerie showing off her great body on Instagram

          While we put on layers and layers of clothing so as not to die in the cold these days, the famous do just the opposite: leave their great bodies clearly visible with spectacular posed in underwear or bikini. In recent weeks, dozens of ‘celebrities’ have set Instagram on fire with sensual photos: Chiara Ferragni, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber… The latest to raise the temperature with a ‘hot’ photo session? ? the very Bella Hadid.

          We had already seen the occasional model posed in lingerie, but the thing is that with the last one that she has published directly, the game has passed. It is a photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret (yes, she has returned to work for the firm after that famous controversy with the former director, and she herself has explained the reasons) in which she is wearing a fuchsia pink lace set with heart details. Completing these incredible pieces of lingerie, Bella wears two garters and rhinestone-studded satin gloves, also in pink.

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          As you can already imagine, the comments praising the figure of the model have not been long in coming. “She is a real angel”, “The goddess of beauty” or “Queen” These are some of the reactions of his followers to this spectacular photo in which he boasts of a toned body and a flat abdomen. Not to mention the ‘likes’, which are already more than a million.

          Anyway, after seeing this pose, we can only wait for Bella Hadid to decide to share with us her routine in the gym (which, judging by what we’ve seen, shouldn’t be small feat).