Bellamy Brothers on tour in Austria

After a two-year Corona break, the Bellamy Brothers are back on our concert stages with hits like “Let Your Love Flow”. AUSTRIA was in Vienna at the start of the tour.

“For the last two years we have been gardening, growing vegetables and raising cattle on our ranch in Darby, Florida. But now we can finally do what we love again: play live!” The Bellamy Brothers are on a big tour of Austria after the involuntary Corona stop – “Our first break after more than 50 years of non-stop on the road”. With 10 number one hits, 25 top ten hits and 50 albums as well as record nominations for ACM and CMA awards, brothers Howard (76) and David Bellamy (71) are regarded as country music giants.

In 2020 they were “pulled the plug” in the middle of their record-breaking tour with “The Voice” star Bake Shelton. “We were in Omaha, Nebraska and more than ready for our concert. But the mayor there put the bolt on: all major events were prohibited. For fear of the pandemic. From then on nothing worked. We flew home and then had to stay at home for two years.” Now they’re going live again. Also with a record hunt: “We have already played in 74 countries and want more”. Liechtenstein, for example, was recently added. Austria has been on the concert list since the 1970s. Even with a little whoops. “I once missed a chocolate in my hotel bed. When I woke up everything was completely brown. It’s like I had diarrhea,” laughs Howard Bellamy in the ÖSTERREICH interview backstage at the Vienna Globe.

The big hit fireworks were also lit there on Tuesday. Supported by a six-piece band with a funny drummer and a traditional steel guitar player, the brothers rocked their way through music history for 90 entertaining minutes: “Redneck Girl”, “If I Said You Have a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me” , “Lie To You For Your Love”, also known to many as the Kurt Ostbahn classic “Really true” and of course “Let Your Love Flow”, which was filmed by countless cell phones. The big mega hit! “We even played it on a TV show with you guys in 1977. Back when there was still music on TV.”

As an encore, the Billy Swan cover “I Can Help” recorded last year with acting legend Dennis Quaid was added. ovation. Now also in the Stefaniensaal in Graz (June 15), in the Design Center in Linz (June 19) and in the Congress Center in Salzburg (June 20). The remaining tickets are included