Ben Tewaag is suing his beauty doc after surgery went wrong

In October last year, Ben Tewaag (45) underwent a small beauty operation. The son of Uschi Glas (78) left the Berlin dermatologist Dr. Christine A. perform a so-called cryolipolysis. This is a cosmetic cold application that is intended to reduce fat.

But instead of Ben Tewaag’s fat disappearing, the 45-year-old suffered second- to third-degree cold burns. To “pictureThe film producer is said to have filed a lawsuit against the doctor for medical treatment and information errors.

Ben Tewaag was supposed to fly to South Africa for an RTL production

Tewaag’s lawyer, the medical lawyer Jörg Heynemann, said to “Bild”: “We have to assume that Dr. A. violated her medical duties of care because she did not carry out the treatment herself, but did not leave it to medical staff. In addition, Mr. Tewaag In our opinion, it has not been fully clarified.”

Tewaag himself also told “Bild” that he had been booked as the main actor in an RTL production and should fly to South Africa in November (2021). “I had already lost more than 15 “Covid kilos” and thought this method of fat reduction in the lower abdominal area was the most suitable and safest way to appear in good shape,” said the 45-year-old.

Ben Tewaag was also briefed on the risks. There could be bruises, redness or numbness, but these should go away after three weeks, the doctor is said to have told Uschi Glas’s son.

But that same evening he noticed that something was wrong. “The place was totally hardened and it hurt like hell. A giant blister and other small blisters formed. That’s why I went to see Dr. A. the next day,” he described to “Bild”. The doctor is said to have switched on her professional liability insurance immediately.

Ben Tewaag: “I feel compelled to file this lawsuit”

A few days later, Ben Tewaag was diagnosed with a third-degree burn and hard tissue. He was on sick leave until the injuries healed. “I was neither fit to fly nor was I allowed to expose myself to the sun – and I wasn’t allowed to swim in the sea or water either,” emphasized Tewaag and therefore also had to cancel the RTL show.

The doctor did not answer the “Bild” request as to how something like this could happen.

dr However, Aaron Bauer, authorized signatory and shareholder of “Ice Aesthetic” reported and shared “Bild”: “For legal reasons, we cannot comment on specific medical treatments and processes related to patients. We can inform you that the device from Dr. A. is a device from the French manufacturer Deleo. The device was technically checked regularly on site; no technical defects or other problems were found. Test reports are available.”

Ben Tewaag will continue to uphold his lawsuit: “After several attempts on my part, no out-of-court agreement was reached – neither with the doctor nor the company ‘Ice Aesthetic’ – I feel compelled to file this lawsuit.”