Benedict Cumberbatch confesses his interest in a third part of ‘Doctor Strange’

USA.- benedict cumberbatch is enjoying the great success that his character of Doctor Strange has had in the saga of Marvelwhich has brought him fame and led him to position his career on another level.

The 45-year-old actor recently commented in an interview for The New Indian Express that he is very interested in having a third part of the “Doctor Strange” movies as he loves to personify the character.

“I hope there will be a third part. I would love to record a third tape. Doctor Strange is such a complicated character and I feel like there’s still so much to explore with him. He is a brilliant character and I am still having a lot of fun playing him,” he confessed.

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Since the first film of the superhero with mystical powers was released in 2016, directed by Scott Derricksonthe character was developed in depth, just as Cumberbatch’s talent was obvious and why he was chosen for the role, since it was a great success.

Benedict Cumberbatch confessed that he was not a fan of the comics and before this project he was unaware of Dr Strange. Photo: Special.

Regarding the importance of Doctor Strange in the Marvel universe, Benedict mentioned: “I continue to be very surprised at how important Strange has become. I always knew that he had potential because of various aspects of the character but I didn’t know that at this point he was going to be with everything in the multiverse.”

The also protagonist of the tape “The power of the dog” of Netflix, confessed that before he was offered the character of the master of the mythical arts, he was not a fan of comics even as a child: “I admit that I am not and never was a fan of comics. I did have some comics and loved the Superman movies, from Christopher Reeve. That shows how old I am and I really didn’t know anything about Doctor Strange before.” However, the Briton stressed that every time he discovers new information about his character, he “realizes how much he likes to interpret it.”

The actor revealed that he really likes playing the master of the occult arts. Photo: Special.

In recent days, Marvel shared a video on its official YouTube account in which the actor can be seen. benedict cumberbatch “Doctor Strange” Xochitl Gomez “America Chavez” Benedict Wong “Wong” and elizabeth olsen “Wanda Maximoff” having a kind of debate about things that seem strange to them.

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