Benjamin Castaldi talks about his sexuality: an anecdote shocks his colleagues from TPMP

Benjamin C.astaldi homosexual? Doubt is allowed, as explained by the host and columnist of TPMP this Tuesday, April 19, “It turns out that having only gay friends for thirty years, my successive wives thought I was gay. By dint of repeating it to myself constantly, I said to myself, I will do a test“. An answer that surprised journalist Valérie Benaim as well as the columnist Danielle Moreau present on the set. But this is another piece of information that the chroniclers of the TPMP show will have retained on that day.

Very honest about his private life, Benjamin Castaldi is never stingy with anecdotes concerning these romantic and financial setbacks.

Thus, the facilitator evokes a stay in the company of his father, the actor Jean-Pierre Castaldi, aboard a yacht. After winning the tidy sum of 750,000 euros during an evening at the casino, the host thus celebrated the event, he explains, “During this stay, I was with my friends and as I had earned a lot of money, I invited my dad. I said, ‘Look, that would be nice. Come on, we have some money to spend. At breakfast, there were my girlfriends and he was very happy with rather pretty young women.

Jean Pierre Castaldi would then have tried to seduce the young women present on the spot, “He started acting handsome and my best friend Jean-Philippe Lemonnier told him don’t break Castaldiit’s already paid, you can go”, explains the columnist, in front of a flabbergasted and somewhat embarrassed set. “It’s horrible”Why are you saying that?”, have reacted his colleagues following this confession.