Benji Samat and Maddy in mourning, a few weeks after the announcement of the pregnancy

Benji Samat and Maddy seem to be on cloud nine. We have just started the year 2022, and the couple got married and are now expecting a child! Unfortunately, all is not well for them. The future dad is in mourning… The Objeko editorial team reveals everything in this article.

Benji Samat and Maddy: the good life in Dubai

Maddy Burciaga and Benjamin Samat, it is above all a story that was not won in advance! Indeed, we could see the beautiful young woman in the arms of several handsome young men during her television adventures.

Benji Samat hasn’t been idle on his side either! He who specialized in reality TV based on romantic relationships, like Beauty and her Prince Charmings or The Princes and Princesses of Love has hooked up with several very pretty young women. His stint in The Angels of reality TV propelled him as a star of the small screen. Viewers are crazy about it! Benjamin seemed like a hard man to fit.

However, the couple Maddy and Benji Samat works wonderfully. We even got to see them together in season 10 of Reality TV Angels, where Maddy made an appearance as a Guest. Like many other reality TV stars such as Jessica Thivenin, Maeva Ghennam or even the beauty’s ex, Julien Tanti, the couple settled down in Dubai. The heavenly place has a lot to offer for its influencers, in terms of magnificent landscapes, but also advantageous taxation…

They said yes!

Everyone was looking forward to it, and they did! Benji Samat asked for the hand of his lover Maddy Burciaga, and the latter said yes! Fans, of course, jumped for joy when they heard the news. They had been engaged since November 29, 2021. Benji Samat proposed in a very romantic way, on a Rooftop in Mexico. They both shared the information on social media, sparking general jubilation. Then, on February 3, 2022, they finally said yes! Benji Samat and his sweetheart then indicated on social networks: “Officially Mr & Mrs Samat. February 3, 2022: Today took place our Civil Wedding at the French Embassy in Dubai. Accompanied by our witnesses, we said to ourselves: “Yes, I want it! “”.

Since then, the very glamorous couple has started a happy and harmonious married life in Dubai. However, that was just the start. Indeed, Benji Samat and Maddy have announced very good news to their fans on social networks, enough to make them jump for joy once again…

Maddy pregnant, Benji Samat in mourning…

Benji Samat and his wife Maddy are expecting a child! This is the incredible news that the couple announced on social networks on April 3. Internet users have been wondering for a while if the lovebirds will start a family. They have after all an idyllic relationship, and a career allowing them to ensure a comfortable childhood for their offspring. Already last August, fans seemed to have detected the start of a baby bump in the reality TV star. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Maddy then replied with a rather ambiguous message: “To those who say that I am pregnant… And no! But yes I like to eat and sometimes I have a swollen stomach. It doesn’t mean I’m expecting a baby. When it does, I’ll let you know. But for the moment, we love life”. And indeed, she has just announced it!

Benji Samat’s wife, holding her slightly rounded belly, wrote on social networks: “BABY SAMAT is coming. We are happy to announce that we will soon be 3. Our dreams are coming true a little more each day… I love you more than anything and I can’t wait for us to become future Dad & Mom”

Maddy would thus be 14 weeks pregnant. However, while the couple announced the good news to all their fans, Benji Samat was struck by mourning in a completely unexpected way. Her grandmother died the day after Maddy’s pregnancy announcement. The handsome television kid announced on social networks: “I rarely take my social networks when I am going through complicated times. The day before, I had announced to my mother that I was going to be a dad… Just the next day, my grandmother died…”. All his fans were of course quick to give him their deepest condolences. The Objeko team joins them.