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This year, Benny Emmanuel achieved one of his biggest dreams: acting in English. On the eve of the end of 2022, the actor known for his character in betoin the series The CQ revealed that one of the projects he is most proud of is Hail Marya Mexican-American thriller written by Knate Lee, under the direction of Rosemary Rodríguez and almost 90 percent of which takes place in English.

The plot deals with the history of Maria (Natalia del Riego) and Joseph (Emmanuel), two young people who are united by destiny. María is a teenager and within her being a baby is gestating, which has to be hidden from the monster from another world called BAAL. To make it, Maria ask for support from José to cross the border between Mexico and the United States.

“It was an interesting trip because it is a genre (horror) that I had not done before and I also had to act in another language, it is something that I had not played either and it is cool that I had to act in English, I had to learn the language since I did not I mastered it, well I haven’t mastered it yet, I speak it, but with the simple fact of doing a Zoom with the director, I’m already practicing.

“I had to prepare myself in other ways, for example talking with the director about my character, seeing where she came from Joseph and know what to tell about this story,” said the 25-year-old actor.

Hail Mary features performances by Ángela Sarafyan, Jack Huston, Ariel Bonilla and Shahine Ezell.

According to the actor’s own definition, the film is an adaptation of the traditional pastorela, but touches on issues such as migration; His character represents all those who have suffered when crossing the border and looking for new opportunities in an unknown country.


“This year was very productive for me, it helped me touch different genres. Hail Mary It was at the beginning of the year and we already finished it. I also had the opportunity to film another comedy a couple of months ago and I did a series whose central theme is music.

“This year helped me discover and expand my acting range,” said the actor who already has an Ariel award on his resume.

In other projects, Emmanuel recently shared credits with Rubén Albarrán in yesterday’s dreama film in which the leader of Café Tacvba gives life to Dámaso Pérez Prado, while the young actor plays Lazarus.

“As such, the very soul of Pérez Prado returns to our contemporary times, to our present time and returns to discover that the mambo has been forgotten and that it is no longer heard, so he returns because he has some earrings to fix, one of them is to ask him forgiveness to the love of his life and revive the mambo.

British Granta, among the best young writers in Mexico.

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“Dámaso returns in the body of someone and my character is this guide who, throughout this trip that he is going to have in Mexico City, helps him discover the places where the mambo still lives and is heard. My character also lives his love story at the same time, ”he said.

The project written and directed by Emilio Maillé is available on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform and hits theaters on December 8.