Benny Hill died 30 years ago, who was he (really)?

The first British comedian to achieve stardom through television, Benny Hill was a major star for over forty years. A complex and controversial character, this cheeky bugger has also sparked controversy…

benny hillborn Alfred Hawthorne Hill, in Southampton, England on January 21, 1924 is famous today for his humor of “bad boy”Hill was actually one of the most innovative comedians television of the 1950s and 1960s. The saucy sketches in the midst of a multitude of scantily clad young women appeared later…

Benny Hill: a family of acrobats

After serving in the military and gaining stage experience at troop concertsHill began working in Variety Theater, no doubt inspired by a circus clown father and grandfather. Hill made his television debut in Music-Hall on the BBC, followed by Mud in Your Eyes, appearing in the latter with his stage partner at the time, Reg Varney, before getting his big break as a star in the magazine Hi There! It was in the context of these broadcasts that Hill begins to develop the parody skit format which will make its success over the next two decades. Its popularity with viewers is such that it is elected television personality of the year 1954.

Consecration with the Benny Hill Show

The Benny Hill Show still on the BBC is an opportunity for Hill to achieve comedy fame. Mime sketches (influenced by Hill’s love of silent comedies) are a major feature, and many of his famous comedic characters, including Fred Scuttle, make appearances on the shows. Comedy songs full of innuendo de Hill also become a notable feature. The show is distinguished above all by the parodies what Hill does tv shows, genres and personalities. In this framework, Hill fully exploits the new possibilities of television special effects technology, allowing her to appear simultaneously in a wide variety of roles (of both sexes) in the same sketch.

Benny Hill: a nimble humor … which was already going badly

It was the shows Hill made for Thames between 1969 and 1989 (again simply called The Benny Hill Show, and all now scripted by Hill alone) that became entrenched in the public consciousness. as representative of his humor. Hill’s comedy style was initially little different from that of his BBC years, but the emphasis on sexual innuendo, coupled for the use of busty young womenhas become more pronounced over the years.

The introduction of the Hill’s Angels dance troupe in 1980, with its dancers in garter beltsonly reinforced the impression that Hill (never married) was passing from licentious troublemaker…. to salacious rascal.

Flash Disease, Lone Death, and Defiled Grave

Benny Hill’s Health declined in the late 1980saround the time the Benny Hill Show was canceled in 1989. He suffered slight heart attack on February 24, 1992 and the doctors offered him a heart bypass. He refuses and, a week later, we find out kidney failure. He died at the age of 68 on April 20, 1992. Two days later, after several days of unanswered phone calls, he is found dead in his armchair in front of the television.

The cause of death was recorded as a thrombosis coronary. Having anticipated nothing, Benny Hill leaves over £8 million that will be shared by nephews and nieces that he does not even know.

Convinced that the artist is buried with jewelry and a fortune, defilers will open his grave soon after his funeral. Benny Hill was buried in Hollybrook Cemetery, near his birthplace in Southampton.