Benny Ibarra has already spoken with Sasha and his uncle Luis de Llano about the abuse controversy | Famous

Benny Ibarra reacted to the case of alleged abuse that he publicly denounced Sasha Sokol vs. Luis de Llano last March 8. Given the closeness to those involved, the singer is the nephew of the producer and was a partner of the artist in Timbiriche, he declared that he has supported them both.

Julissa’s son, Luis de Llano’s sister, revealed that the issue has caused “a lot of pain in the family.” “It’s a very sensitive issue. It has caused a lot of pain in the family. Obviously the family also Sasha, she is my family, she is my sister. Luis is a man I love very much who has been important in my personal and professional life, “he said in an interview for the Hoy program.

The singer was at the Mexican show to promote the Cumbia Machine Tour show, there he shared that he prefers to remain on the sidelines with his statements so that his opinion is not distorted.

It’s hard for me to talk about it because of the painI have a hard time because if it were really a discussion […] 90 percent of the people out there end up using it as a cannonball and it’s something I personally can’t lend myself to,” he said. “Obviously it’s hard to judge in this day and age where we’re all vigilantes through the social networks,” said Benny Ibarra.

The interpreter of ‘Uno’ showed empathy with Sökol after the 51-year-old singer shared a letter on her social networks in which she points out Luis de Llano for having “abused” her and “put her to bed” when I was 14 years old and he was 39.

Through Twitter and Instagram Ibarra wrote words of solidarity to Sökol. “I hug you dear friend and “By your side”were the phrases that he dedicated to him.

The singer’s wife, Celina del Villar, also spoke to the publication and sent her signs of affection. Users of digital platforms applauded that the couple supported Sasha and that the relationship with the 76-year-old music producer did not influence.

In the interview this Friday, March 18, with Andrea Legarreta, Benny pointed out that he also contacted his uncle, who has not made any statements in this regard so far. ” To the people to whom I already had to communicate my feelings, specifically with Luis and Sasha, I already did it privately“.

The Mexican composer and actor once again showed empathy about situations of abuse that may arise in society and mentioned that as a father of a family he is aware of his two children. Likewise, he asked that parents be attentive to children and young people.

“As the father of María and Mateo, it is clear that it is a delicate issue that we must take care of ourselves, we must be on top of the education of our children […] It is very delicate. The only thing I can give is to send love… from there we have to operate, “he concluded.

What did Sasha Sökol say about Luis de Llano?

On March 8, the actress also recounted what she experienced in the relationship she had with the producer, which she described as “toxic” and as a “crime”.

“Since I was 14 years old I wanted to believe that I was responsible for what happened. Today I understand that my only responsibility was to remain silent,” the artist wrote. “Two days ago, Luis made false statements about our relationship again. He abused me then and abuses me today by manipulating the truth“, he accused, ” when the relationship started i was 14 and he was 39“.

“I was in (the play) Vaselina with Timbiriche and I was clearly a girl. We were together for almost 4 years.”

I had a hard time leaving him, he was a powerful man in the industry; my agent and my producer, “he acknowledged in his letter,” I was very afraid that when we separatedmy career would be hurt”.

“There is no story to tell you. One day I fell in love with Sasha and she ‘sent me to the rubber band’ (broke up with him) in two weeks. There is a crush that we say is platonic, professional, work, why? Because I produced his records, “said Luis de Llano.