Benoît Paire: after yet another defeat, he reveals the violent messages of hatred he receives

After suffering his tenth defeat in a row at a tournament in Portugal, Benoît Paire received many hate messages on social networks, and even death threats. Tired of this wave of harassment, the tennis player decided to make the comments of his detractors public.

Dark period for Benoît Paire. This Monday, April 25, the tennis player suffered a new defeat, when he faced the South Korean Soon-woo Kwon, in the first round of the Estoril tournament, in Portugal. A defeat difficult to take for the sportsman who multiplies the setbacks for several months, he who lost last week in the first round of the Barcelona tournament, breaking two rackets at the same time. Copiously whistled in Portugal, Benoît Paire, who spins the perfect love with Julie Bertin, was all the more noticed by lowering his shorts to show his boxer shorts to the public.

An attitude that has earned him many insults but also death threats of rare violence, which he wanted to share on Twitter, so that Internet users realize the wave of hatred which he must face regularly. “Big dog of your dead, you’re the king of sub-shit. Big ass quits tennis and goes dancing“,”You live up to your name man… You’re the disgrace of tennis, you’re weak, so are your words“, notably received the 32-year-old player, who also paid the price for sports bettors. “You’re wasting everyone’s money. And come on what’s wrong with me betting on you“wrote an angry netizen.

“Is this normal for you?”

Messages that greatly affected Benoît Paire, who seemed disillusioned with the situation. “Is this normal for you?“, he wrote on Twitter. After his defeat in Portugal, the tennis player known for his blood temper had published his thoughts on Instagram, explaining to do his best to get out of this downward spiral. “I’m looking for solutions every day to change this spiral, I make the effort and I progress despite the defeats.. I’m just going to think about what’s next and hang on again and again like I’ve been doing for a while..“, he had written.

While the image of an angry sportsman sticks to Benoît Paire’s skin, Julie Bertin had explained on Youtube that her companion was not as people imagined him: “He’s still a lot calmer than me, because you wouldn’t say when you see him on the court, he seems pissed off all the time, but in everyday life, he’s a love“, she had declared.