Bérénice Bejo: the unimaginable price of this white lace dress worn in Cannes in 2011

In May 2011 while presenting The Artist at the Cannes Film Festival, Bérénice Bejo opted for a (really) inexpensive dress. This is what she revealed this Saturday, January 21 on the set of Quelle époque!

It’s a moment of which Bérénice Bejo will undoubtedly be remembered all her life. May 2011. The actress is present at the Cannes Film Festival with Michel Hazanavicius and Jean Dujardin to present, in official competition, The Artist. On May 22, the evening of the closing ceremony, Jean Dujardin is crowned with the prize for male interpretation. If Bérénice Bejo does not win any prizes at Cannes, it is only a postponement, since she will obtain the César for best actress a few months later. In the meantime, it is her outfit that is highly noticed and praised.

Pregnant, the actress is gorgeous in a dress short white lace. A (really) inexpensive garment, as she revealed on the set of what time this Saturday, January 21. Finally, it was Christophe Dechavanne who revealed the anecdote. “She had a little dress for 12 euros in Cannes. The others have 2 billion dresses and she arrives at Cannes like that!“, he launched, amazed. Information that has not not left marble Léa Salamé, who wished to have more details. “That’s true ? It was when ?“, she asked her guest. And the main interested party to confirm: “It was for The Artist! I was pregnant. I had a dress from another brand and, at the last moment, I was not well, not at ease“, she developed.

Bérénice Bejo and her dress at “12 pounds sterling, at the market”

Faced with this feeling, Bérénice Bejo preferred to opt for an outfit that was perhaps a little less chic, but in which she would feel better. “I took my little dress that we had bought in London at 12 pounds, at the market“, she said. And the least we can say is that she did well, as she shone on the Croisette. But also, since this mother still caused a sensation. “Everyone asked me: ‘But what is this dress?’“, continued Bérénice Bejo, hilarious. And this one to retort: ​​”That ? It’s a 12-pound dress!“One more proof that it is not not the amount that makes the value of the dress.

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