Bernard Montiel: this famous singer with whom he will spend holidays this summer

Bernard Montiel confided in his summer vacation on the Touche plateau not at my post this Friday, March 25.

He surrendered. He had fun. For several years, Cyril Hanouna has hosted the program Touche pas à mon poste on C8 on a daily basis. In it, the host connects the revelations about his guests and his columnists. This Friday, March 25, from the start of it, he wanted to talk about the summer holidays and it is therefore one by one that the columnists mentioned their projects. The one who stood out is Bernard Montiel. He first explained that he will attend the “wedding of one of my best friends in Montreal. I am delighted to return to Canada“, he explained. After having provided details concerning his friend, who made Cyril Hanouna laugh a lot, he specified that he will also pass “a week in Ramatuelle with friends. Like every year, it’s always the same“, he assured. Among these people, the columnist said that there will be Patrick Bruel. “Are you going to Place des Grands Hommes?“, asked the presenter of C8 before adding: “You can come to the house if you want, you are welcome“. To which the principal concerned simply retorted: “Ah yes ? well no“. A conclusion that amused the set a lot.

An unlikely moment. Bernard Montiel is used to spending his holidays in the South and he is always very well surrounded. If it is sometimes voluntary, it can also happen to him to come across personalities, without him expecting it. In 2021, it is in Saint-Tropez that he put his suitcases. As he took full advantage and shared photos daily on his social media, one of them stood out. On this one, we could see him in the company of two television personalities. He was first with texthe former presenter of Z’amours but also of Patrice Laffont, who came to the Touche set not at my post several times. “Traditional petanque tournament on the #Place Des Lices“, he had first written before welcoming the arrival of Patrice Laffont on Cyril Hanouna’s show. “The pleasure of finding the next new columnist of @tpmptv“. An improbable meeting but which made Bernard Montiel very happy.

Bernard Montiel: which personality bothered him during his vacation?

The anecdotes concerning his holidays, Bernard Montiel connects them. While in Thailand, the columnist recalled a particularly embarrassing moment he shared on the Video Gage set last November. “We were quiet with a girlfriend. We get naked. I don’t like showing off, then I’m always a little afraid of photographers. I don’t really want to be naked,” he had started before adding: “Except that a very famous singer arrives. They arrived filming it. We were in the water, stashed away, we didn’t want to get out. She shot for an hour and a half. On the beach, we had all our stuff close by“, he concluded. The personality in question? Britney Spears. “She’s great. I like her a lot. But we couldn’t talk to her, we were naked”he concluded.


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