Between gunpowder and a lot of love, this is how the Salvadoran show business received 2023

From Luciana Sandoval, through Irene Castillo, Juanjo González, Larissa Graniello and Mario Sibrián, among others, these well-known television faces welcomed this new year with the best of vibes.

2023 started and the national show business celebrated in style the first hours of January 1. With their personal touch, each of them welcomed family and friends, and shared it on social networks.

The respective dinner at home was not missing, as revealed by Verónica Guerrero (“From woman to woman”), in her Instagram stories, as well as Luciana Sandoval (“Long live the morning”). Both thanked them for spending time with their family and for what they received in 2022.

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Veronica Guerrero
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Luciana Sandoval
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For her part, Larissa Graniello (“Up my people”) recounted the different moments she lived last year, where she again bet on love. Similarly, her colleague Juango González (“Exit”) decided to pay tribute to her parents, her family and her girlfriend.

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juanjo gonzalez
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They were joined by Mario Sibrián (“Long live the morning”), who posted a photo with his wife Mishelle Murga (Noticias 4Visión), who will become parents this year.

Mario Sibrian and Mishelle Murga

Others said they would go to the Salvadoran coast and say goodbye to the last sunset of 2022 and say hello to 2023.

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Mónica Casamiquela (“Liberadas”) took a little getaway to Costa Azul, Sonsonate, and enjoyed the traditional gunpowder, as well as Irene Castillo (“Long live the morning”) with Pepe Barahona.

Monica Casamiquela
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Irene Castillo and Pepe Barahona
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The businesswoman Ligia Roca decided to go to El Tunco, Tamanique, and say “hello 2023”, while the former presenter Brenda Contreras assured that she is “very excited and full of hope” for this new year.

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