Between protests against him, Prince William and Kate arrive in Jamaica

KINGSTON, JAMAICA.- The official visit this Tuesday of Prince William and Kate to Kingston, Jamaica, sparked demonstrations to demand the british monarchy apologize for their role in the slave trade in this former colony.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived in the Jamaican capital for a three-day stopover as part of a trip to Caribbean in recognition of 70th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

However, demonstrators protested with banners outside the British High Commission before the arrival of the royal couple, to demand that the monarchy make monetary reparations and apologize for its role in the slave trade that brought thousands of Africans to the island under inhumane conditions.

Among the protesters, Clement ‘Jawari’ Deslandes He said it was a slap in the face for his ancestors that “a royal person would come with no concern or remorse in his heart.”

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“They have this privilege of nobility… where they can walk around here and we have to put out a red carpet for them. Those days are over,” Deslandes claimed.

“I am here representing my ancestors, all of whom died in slavery and were killed by white oppression,” he said.

The royal visit comes amid growing calls for Jamaica to follow the example of Barbados and become a republic and take the head of state away from the queen.

The couple canceled his visit to Belize at the beginning of his tour throughout the Caribbean due to complaints from indigenous communities, according to reports.