Between salsa, merengue and bachata “The Dominican Voice” premieres its second season in style

Between the rhythms of salsa, merengue, bachata, ranchera and ballads, the second season of The Dominican Voice opened its doors and revealed all the talent that the corners of the island hold.

under the leadership of Luz Garcia and Yoel Lopez, Yesterday, Sunday, the first episode of the new season of the talent show premiered on Telesistemas channel 11.

The opening of the gala came in the form of harmony in the captivating voice of the winner of the previous edition, Yohan Amparo, who performed his first single “I never saw you”.

The participants were the owners of the night, but without a doubt the co-stars are the imminent figures of Dominican music who serve as coaches for the future promises of art and entertainment.

Mily Quezada, Alex Matos, Musicologist and Eddy Herrera they did not miss the opportunities to turn their chairs, willing to do anything to find the next Dominican voice.

Nine auditions in total were presented during this first stage; Team Alex, Team Musicologist and Team Milly taking the lead with two members each.

blind auditions

Emma Kings (Emmanuel Reyes)

To the rhythm of Marc Anthony’s “Flor Pálida” sauce, EmmaKings was in charge of opening the audition gala for La Voz Dominicana.

Demonstrating an impressive stage command and giving himself completely to the stage, he managed to captivate the musical ear of the four coaches and got the entire plate dancing.

Although all the coaches wanted him to “have his voice”, the beating of his heart guided his steps to the Matos team, being the first member of his team.

Nikaury Perez

The Musicologo team opened its doors in style with the entrance of Nikaury, who came directly from Santiago with his sweet voice and performed “Disfruto”.

With 18 years of age and some notes that seemed more like caresses, the woman from Santiago managed to turn the four coaches.

Joseph Brea

“Lo Pasado Pasado” in the dynamic voice of Vega’s representative, Jose Brea, did not win the return of the coaches, but it certainly proved to be synonymous with the word talent.

Tomaira De La Rosa

Tomayra De La Rosa was the fourth audition of the night and with her impressive booming voice she took the stage.

Interpreting “Hallelujah” managed to captivate the salsero Alex Matos making him turn his chair and ensuring his permanence in the program that, according to the allegations of his coach, augurs much success.

Rafaela Urena

Rafaela Ureña arrived from Valverde and turned the stage upside down.

Singing diva Miriam Cruz’s merengue “Es Necesario”, Rafaela made it precisely necessary, with her waste of energy and indisputable “saoco”, for us to stop and dance.

With hubbub he conquered the queen of merengue, Milly Quezada.

Yanelody (Richar Martinez)

With a flow that is not responsible for expectations, representing the capital’s sector of Sabana Perdida, Yanelody arrived on stage giving it her all with her intonation of “Te di” by Dominican Pavel Núñez.

The buttons of Milly Quezada and La Libreta gave him the go-ahead to move on to the next stage, but his decision required his entry into the urban team.

Denise Cruz

At 21 years old and with a voice that is undoubtedly special, this is not the first time that Denise’s talent has sought luck in La Voz Dominicana.

Singing “But I Remember You” the singer failed to get, on this occasion, the endorsement of any of the judges.

yunior cruz

Haughty, precious and proud. This is how Yunior looked during his re-plays in Luis Miguel’s iconic ranchera “La Bikina”.

The power of his voice added revolving value to the coaches’ chairs and, despite the insistent interest, it was inevitable for the artist to decide on Galán’s team, Eddy Herrera.

adriana green

In search of scenarios, Adriana played with La Voz Dominicana.

A street artist who does not need an invitation to stir the emotions of those who listen to her singing “I Offer You” turned the four chairs and fell in love with the public.

41 years of energy, positive vibes and talent stayed with the queen of merengue.

+ Details about the program

The Voice Dominicana will be broadcast every Sunday from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM on Telesistema channel 11.

The first stage of the program is “Blind Auditions” where the participants interpret their songs with their backs to the judges, waiting for them to turn their chairs just by hearing their voices and giving them the opportunity to belong to their teams.

The next round is a new stage called “The Cut”where the judges, if they select more participants than due for their team, must eliminate the remaining ones to the equivalent of 14.

In the “Battles” the members of each team face each other two by two, the coach can select the winner and the eliminated will have the opportunity to become part of another team, if the other judges so wish.

They arrive “Knockouts” and the artists have the opportunity to select their own songs and the judges get help from an advisory co-coach.

In the “Playoffs” It is presented in team rounds, the judge has the opportunity to save two who advance directly to the live shows and the others go on to be voted on by the public.

Finally, in the “Live Shows” Each participant introduces himself and the one who manages to get the largest number of votes is taken as the winner.