Between sweaters and glasses, Karla Díaz from JNS collects criticism for selling so expensive

Karla Diaz You can succeed in music, with your YouTube channel and even in love, but when it comes to business, you have gotten into problems that have been made public on social networks. First they were highly criticized glasses, and now they are sweaters that he sold at a very high cost.

The singer has an online store where she offered a green sweater with the name of her channel, ‘Pinky Promise’, but several netizens showed that she was selling it at double the price of other stores.

Karla promoted it as an exclusive design with limited pieces, but in networks they showed that in another store they sold it for only 543 pesos, almost half the price in Díaz’s store.

So his company had to put out a statement saying they were cheated by a supplier. So they decided to remove the product from the Pinky Shop permanently, give a full refund to those who bought it, and take appropriate legal action.

Criticism had already hit him when he was selling cups with sparkly unicorn designs. Currently in the store they appear as “sold out”, with a cost of 1,300 pesos, although they cost almost 2,000 pesos.

On Twitter there are even accounts that claim that the same thing happens with other products.