Between tears Daniela Luján reveals that she suffers from functional depression and thinks about death

Recently, Daniela Luján made the decision to come clean to reveal that she suffers from functional depression For a couple of years and through tears, she assured that she has thought about taking her own life, which led her to seek the help of a professional to treat her mental health problem.

During the first episode of her YouTube program ‘Envinadas’, the famous children’s soap opera actress was encouraged to open her heart in front of the cameras to talk about a very intimate aspect in her life, which I had tried to hide of his loved ones, since very few people knew about his condition.

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Regardless of what they say, the television celebrity explained that he did not usually talk about this topic because I didn’t want to seem like an ungrateful person.especially since she felt blessed with all the things she has in her life.

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful either, because I am very lucky in many ways. I’ve tried to be obsessively happy, It broke me down a lot and I didn’t have time to live many owners or emotions thoroughly as well and get the learning out of them, that’s what emotions are for,” he said.

However, the 34-year-old singer also revealed that the situation became somewhat more serious for her when she began to appear.learn in deathmaking it clear that she had no intentions of living back then, prompting her to seek help from a psychiatrist.

“I began to surprise myself with super dark thoughts. And then last year, I think we were still recording as a Family of 10, and nothing, I woke up one day and said: ‘Yeah, screw it all, I want to die now.’ That is, it is that this idea already brought her back, but she had never planned it. She had never said it out loud, rather what I started to do was negotiate with myself my date of death”, he commented.

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“I used to say: ‘I can’t die until Panzeta (your pet) dies,’ and it came as a great shock to realize that I had to seek help. So, it was that I decided to go to the psychiatrist. Obviously I wasn’t exaggerating and already my diagnosis was depression and anxiety. And I’m functional, because I work, I come and go, it doesn’t stop me, but it exhausts me a lot,” he added.

Daniela Luján assured that despite the fact that she is already treating her functional depression with medication and therapy, the path she has to travel still seems very difficult, especially because she has “like a disconnection with my very bastard emotions.”

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