beware of this colossal fine if you drop it on the sidewalk

Majestic, decorating your Christmas tree is more than a tradition. However, at the beginning of the year, throwing it away reveals of the obstacle course.

The Christmas tree like you’ve never seen it before!

December is flying by. Indeed, after two years of pandemic, we all dream of gathering around the Christmas tree. Certainly, children are eagerly awaiting gifts. On the adult side, we favor the decoration stage. Garlands connected or not, glass balls or not, star made at home or bought in stores, believe Objeko on word, there is really plenty to do!

Besides, there is no question of recycling last year’s equipment since it brings back bad memories. In discount stores, you have plenty to inspire you. Once it’s finished, we’d love to keep it for life. Alas, since he loses his needles, It is not possible. This is why we are going to explain the fate reserved for your Christmas tree. If you can’t count on the support of your elected officials in your municipality, you must organize yourself a step ahead!

Ouch, it stings!

While the French complain of seeing the planet deteriorate, he does not necessarily think of the Christmas tree. Placed in a hurry on a sidewalk, it can also quickly take up space in the garbage room of a building. What we preach wild deposit is now liable to a fine of 135 euros. Like a bad parking his vehicle, you must not not return it to its natural habitat. Once sold, the king of the forests is unfortunately no longer welcome. If you are caught, it can hurt. Provide at least a check for 150 euros!

QUID of the recycling point

In all cities, there are places places where he can rest in peace. Yes, exactly dear readerObjeko, like a cemetery. To obtain this precise list, we advise you to contact the town hall. Forced to give you this information, do not bet on them to provide you with other arguments about what will happen to your magnificent Christmas tree. Don’t panic, the experts will take care of them. As to dedicated bagfor those who do not have time to go to the recycling center, including on weekends, this is a solution to take into account.

Fan of compost, and if you take the opportunity to insert the remains of your Christmas tree? Let it be said, the models flocked“are really not suitable. Once crushed, substances toxic to the body are released. You understand without someone drawing you, you’ll never go again spot then customize and finally get rid of of your conifer in the same way. Nature lovers, what are you waiting for to spread the message around you?