Biby Gaytán boasts complicity with her daughter and her great resemblance with very glam looks – New Woman

Ana Paula Capetillo inherited the beauty of her mother Biby Gaytán and has been evidenced by appearing together enjoying the Fashion Week Mx.

Mother and daughter they presumed their complicity, in addition, their great resemblance and good taste for fashion.

At 50 years old baby wastes beauty and elegance in her step with her curvaceous figure, so she looks almost the same age as her daughter.

Biby Gaytán and her daughter squander beauty

The eldest of the daughters of the actress shared through her social networks the outfits with those who attended the gala fashion leaving more than one surprised and filled with compliments.

The divas attended dressed in a look all white accompanied by a pair of floral headdresses that gave them a romantic touch and made them look like twins

for makeup Ana Paula opted for a range of warm colors while her mother opted for stronger tones like her burgundy lipstick.

Both were filled with praise especially baby Well, many highlighted how young he looks.

“Beautiful, I loved it”, “They look like twins”, “You don’t know if it’s your mom or your twin”, “How beautiful”, “Some top-level outfits”, “Love their looks”, “Beautiful mother and daughter” , “Women who fall in love”, they commented on the publication.

The wife of Edward Capetillo surprised a few days ago by appearing as a seller of coconuts with a very youth and full of color, so many assured that the years do not pass over it.

Faced with constant questions about what is the secret to staying so radiant, has recommended on more than one occasion to stay active.

“Do some physical exercise, the one you like so that you never stop keeping up,” recommends Eduardo Jr’s mother, Ana Paula, Alejandra, Manuel and Daniel.