Biby Gaytán’s daughter, Ana Paula Capetillo, inherited her mother’s beauty and elegance and we love it

Definitely, no fruit falls far from the tree, since the children of the couple made up of Biby Gaytan and Eduardo Capetillo inherited the best of each other, and today they are complete beauty and talented adults. That’s how he showed it Ana Paula Capetillo, who inherited the beauty and elegance of her mother, and we love.

beautiful eldest daughter Biby Gaytan, Ana Paula Capetilloposed impeccably and captivatingly for the cover of Estilo DF magazine, wasting elegance and freshness, as well as the great beauty that she inherited from her mother.

With very youthful, vibrant and fresh outfits, the beautiful Ana Pau proved that she did not lose track of her mother, and that this will surely be the beginning of a successful and fruitful artistic career.

And it is that, the second of the five children that the favorite couple of the artistic medium has recently debuted in acting in the new Netflix biographical series about the life of the beloved Charro de Huentitán, Vicente Fernandez, The kingwhere interprets Teresa Fernandez Gomezsister of the singer.

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Given that, the daughter of Biby Gaytan corroborated that she follows in her mother’s footsteps very closely, posing for the Mexican magazine, where she wore a cute outfit made up of a simple white ribbed top with fringed straps, accompanied by a vibrant orange teddy coat, and wide metallic pants and with a high golden waist, as well as a jovial makeup with shades of blue, pink and coral.

At its most elegant, Ana Paula Capetillo She wore a stylized purple suit with an orange top with lilac underneath, and a loose and wavy hairstyle, giving glamor and style to the image.

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Both Ana Paula Capetillo and her sister Alejandra Capetillohave shown great fascination for the world of fashion, so much so that they usually recommend the products and clothes they constantly wear on their social networks, giving tips on extremely fashionable combinations and styles, which have paved the way for them to be invited to catwalks and various events. of prestigious brands.

In fact, Ale has been living in Spain for more than a year, pursuing her dream in the world of fashion.

In the case of Ana Paula Capetilloand his older brother Eduardo Capetillo Jr.., decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents, debuting this year in acting, she in El Rey, and he in the series Donde Hay Fuego, where, in fact, he shares credits with his father, Edward Capetillo.

Definitely, the Capetillo Gaytán are all artists, because in addition, the little twins Daniel and Manuelmade their special screen debut accompanying their mother on her special show on the cooking reality show Top Chef on Netflix, where they helped her Biby Gaytan to be a judge of the different dishes that the contestants designed for a children’s party.

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