Biby Gaytán’s daughter wears fringe that rejuvenates and hides her cheek

Daughter of Biby Gaytán wears the fringe that rejuvenates and hides cheek. Instagram Special

The beauty of Biby Gaytán’s children always surprises us, and today Pau Capetillo de wore a rejuvenating fringe on social networks, in addition to using it hides a cheek, stay to know the details of her new image.

Pau Capetillo is 26 years old and is already quite a celebritysince at his young age he has ventured into the world of fashion and acting, so this time through his stories he boasted the change of image that he achieved just by adding fringe.

Which highlights their features and hide the cheek, since her father’s features predominate in her. Another thing that she highlighted was her dark hair, which goes perfectly with her white skin. To give it more prominence, the actress did not hesitate to make up her eyes.

Despite the fact that it was something simple, he managed to show them off thanks to a black outlined, his lips left them in brown. Immediately his followers began to fill the section with many compliments, all delighted with how beautiful it looks.

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They confuse her with Merlina

The impact caused by the merlin series is still present, so they immediately began to compare her with this character, “I thought it was MERLINA”, “Please a tutorial for the fringe”, “My girl… this look looks beautiful on you”, “Merlina is youuuuu”.

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The truth is that the resemblance is great and the fringe suits her very well, as several of her followers mentioned. Throughout his publications, Pau Capetillo shows us that he enjoys trying many hair styles.

They also immediately pointed out that beauty was inherited from Biby Gaytánwhich we cannot deny, her mother has also always stood out for how preserved she is at 50 years old, obviously she is a fan of taking good care of her image.

Since in previous publications she wore her hair in a bob cut, long and even blonde. So far these are the only news that Biby Gaytán’s daughter has shared on her social networks, although she will surely share more styles in later days.

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