Big Brother 2022: Maxi referred to the allegations of fraud after his elimination

Last Sunday, Maxi was the new eliminated from Big Brother 2022. In an unexpected twist, since the polls were in his favor, the Cordovan man lost with 54.02% of the votes against the 47.94% that Ariel received.

After the unexpected deletion, the social media were flooded with messages accusing the production of fraud. After the repercussions left by his departure from the reality show, the participant referred to what happened: “I felt that I could leave, that I could touch myself. I did things that could have harmed me, such as saying that I was already exhausted, and I felt that it could touch me, although I also hoped to stay since we felt at home that Ariel does not have so much strength outside, “he began by expressing during an interview with Primicias Ya.