BigFlo and Oli shoot the clip for their next single in the middle of Toulouse

Two years after a decided break in 2020, the Toulouse brothers mark their big comeback with the surprise filming of a clip in the heart of their hometown.

Good surprise for BigFlo and Oli fans. The two artists, on hiatus since the end of 2020, officially announced their return this Tuesday with a musical happening in the heart of Toulouse, their hometown.

On the Place du Capitole, the two brothers locked themselves in a glass cage in which a recording studio was reconstructed. BigFlo and Oli performed a piece there in front of their audience. They are also filmed there by a film crew.

If, from the outside, no sound came out of this improvised studio, the more than 200 fans present were nevertheless able to approach and observe the writing and composition work of the two Toulouse rappers. Some of them were even requisitioned to be filmed.

A new single to come

As bring it back The Midi Dispatchthis glass cage would have been installed for the shooting of the clip of the future single of BigFlo and Oli entitled Holy shit. They shot Monday in Peyragudes in the Pyrenees and in Paris a few days ago, specifies the local daily. During the filming, the Toulouse YouTuber Djilsi also made an appearance.

BigFlo and Oli’s latest album, The dream lifedates back to 2018. On October 25, 2020, they had released a clip titled Bye, and called it “the last clip before the next album”. Two years after this break, the two brothers are gradually preparing their return, which seems imminent.

Even if no release date for this new project has been communicated for the moment, this Monday March 21, around 3 p.m., their fans received an SMS which leaves little room for doubt: “That’s it, we’re ready! You guys are the first to know. Thanks for still being here, see you soon.”

BigFlo and Oli will also return to the stage at the Delta Festival in Marseille, on June 30, according to our information, but also on July 7 at the green theater in Saint-Péray, in the Ardèche on the occasion of the Crussol Festival, according to France Blue.