Bigflo and Oli: the two brothers in tears following the broadcast of Rendez-vous in unknown land (ZAPTV)

This Tuesday, June 14, 2022, France 2 offered a new episode of Meeting in unknown land with the exceptional guest of Raphaël de Casabianca, Oli from the duo Bigflo and Oli. When watching the show on set, the two brothers, moved by the images, burst into tears.

They are back after two years of absence with their titles Holy Brothel and I was not herebrought to life in two particularly singular video clips. As they prepare to release on June 24, 2022 their new album titled The Others are usthe two rappers from Toulouse and known for their attachment to the pink city, were this Tuesday, June 14, 2022 guests of the debriefing of the show Meeting in unknown land on France 2. After the three-week stay of one of the halves of the duo, Olivio Order, says Olialongside Raphaël de Casabianca, meeting the Vezo community, living on an island near Madagascar, the two urban poets were invited to comment on particularly moving images. And as soon as the broadcast of the report ended, the emotion quickly made itself felt.

“It’s so strong. Without a phone, three weeks connected to people’s gaze”

While Oli is invited by the presenter to come back to his highlights of the adventure and the fact that he did not crack during the stay, the rapper, who seems overwhelmed by too many emotions, expresses himself with difficulty:Me it’s good I left. It was very moving because I know that on the other side of the television we can say that there is a demago side in what I say, but it’s so strong. Without a phone, three weeks connected to people’s eyes“.

Before continuing:It doesn’t seem like I’m crying on these images. I’m proud because I know that everyone is sensitive, and it was a very modest family, that’s what touched me. I saw my family again. I didn’t feel like crying in front of them because I always associate it with something sad when in fact it’s not always the case. See you in unknown territory, it’s a strong thing, it marks you. It was not easy to look at me, because sometimes I hide certain things, I am uncomfortable, I am silent“, he expresses himself without filter. His brother known under the surname of Bigflo, also affected adds: “In our family, I don’t get shown too many emotions like these. I’m moved, because as soon as I see Oli, it communicates from brother to brother. I know him and when he’s like that, it’s because he has a lot of emotions that he manages to hold back. It was something he had wanted to live for a long time and I’m happy for him that he was able to realize this dream.“. A beautiful moment that once again shows the very human side of the two brothers.