Bill and Tom Kaulitz make fun of their children

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - OCTOBER 28: (LR) Tom Kaulitz, Heidi Klum and Bill Kaulitz attend the Angel Ball 2019 hosted by Gabrielle's Angel Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street on October 28, 2019 in New Yor...

Bill Kaulitz does a lot with his twin brother Tom and his wife Heidi Klum.Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation


Laura Czypull

“I wasn’t lazy today, I thought I should write the letter to Angela,” said Bill Kaulitz in the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”, which he publishes together with his brother Tom.

For several episodes, the twins have been talking about wanting to write a letter to former Chancellor Angela Merkel. The goal: she should be a guest in the podcast. Bill has now put the project into practice.

“I’m just a bit scared about the spelling. I only went to 8th grade,” Bill joked after reading the letter to his brother. In fact, the 33-year-old dropped out of school early because of her music career with her band Tokio Hotel, but not in the 8th grade. Several years ago they said in an interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”:

“We were in 10th grade at high school when we dropped out of school because of the band. So we had already learned everything you need to graduate from high school. We really only did it to make it.”

Photo number: 53498200 Date: 03.10.2009 Copyright: imago/STAR-MEDIA ZDF - bet, that...?  - Guitarist Tom Kaulitz left and singer Bill Kaulitz ( both GER / Tokio Hotel ).  Guitarist Tom Kaulitz left ...

Tom and Bill Kaulitz in 2009, just a few years after their musical breakthrough with Tokio Hotel.Image: imago stock&people / imago images

Tom still advises his brother: “Copy neatly.” There would still be one or the other error. “I’ll check it again, because of the spelling”, Tom then offered. Then he remembered a story from the day before in which Heidi Klum’s children didn’t get away very well.

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Tom and Bill make fun of Heidi Klum’s children

Because he only had the topic of spelling the day before at the dining table with Heidi Klum’s children: “The children always think that my German is not good, but my German is excellent.” “Excuse me?” Bill asked indignantly. The reason for this was his mumbling, Tom guessed. But then he made it clear again that his German was “excellent”.

Bill, on the other hand, suspected that the reason was Tom’s bad English. But that wasn’t the children’s justification, Tom emphasized. “How do they want to know that?” Bill asked again and then shot: “None of them speak German.” Tom added: “They don’t speak German very well.”

The relationship between Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum has been public since 2018. The model has lived in California since 2005, the Kaulitz brothers moved from Germany to Los Angeles in 2010. Tom and Heidi do not have children together, but Heidi brought three children from her marriage to singer Seal and a daughter, Leni Klum, from her relationship with Italian Formula 1 manager Flavio Briatore into the relationship.

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