Bill Gates tests positive for coronavirus

The American tycoon, Bill Gates, who has been doing an evident activism after the covid-19 pandemic, confirmed through his social networks that he has contracted the virus.

The philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft assured that, in addition to being vaccinated with his doses against covid-19, he was also given a booster application, so he aspires not to have major health complications.

Sending a part of tranquility, he assured that he has health coverage, in addition to confirming that he has had mild symptoms. After the positive diagnosis, the businessman assured that he has isolated himself from his collaborators so as not to spread the virus.

I have tested positive for covid. I am experiencing mild symptoms and am following expert advice to isolate myself until I am healthy again. I am lucky to be vaccinated and have a booster dose, as well as access to excellent medical care and testing.”He stated on his social networks.

Gates recalled that his diagnosis occurs in the middle of the face-to-face meeting he had planned with his entire foundation, for which he assures that he will be present through virtual means to be able to personally “thank” his workers for their work during the time they were in remote work.

The Gates Foundation is meeting today for the first time in two years, and I am lucky to be in Teams to see you all and thank you for your hard work. We will continue to work with partners and do everything we can to ensure that none of us have to deal with a pandemic again.”assured the tycoon, referring to the research and scientific work that they have been carrying out for global health.

It should be emphasized that throughout the pandemic, this man has been doing relevant work, supporting scientific research with resources and denying anti-vaccine rumours, thus contributing to global health in the midst of the health emergency, the same reasons why he also He has been criticized and singled out for allegedly having been one of the culprits of covid-19.

Recently, Bill Gates spoke about these conspiracy theories that have been created against him, in relation to anticovid vaccines. His statement was made in the program Today of the BBC, where he noted that claiming that biologics have been used to track people and obtain information is “crazy.”

“I mean, would I really want to track people? I spend billions (of dollars) on vaccines, I don’t make any money on them; vaccines save lives. Somehow you almost have to laugh because it’s so crazy.” Today. In addition, he revealed that hundreds of assumptions are shouted at him on the streets for being a defender of vaccines and that is why he has come out to defend his good name.

Despite this, the billionaire has not stopped supporting scientific research and promoting the application of vaccines against covid-19, among other diseases worldwide.

“The worst of covid-19 is yet to come”

One of his latest comments about the pandemic by Bill Gates has been the cause of controversy, since while the world hopes that the new coronavirus will be eradicated soon, the businessman affirmed that the opposite can happen.

The Microsoft co-founder recently expressed that “the worst of covid-19 is yet to come.” This alarming warning was accompanied by pointing out that The ideal is not only to think about the consequences of the pandemic, but also about how to counteract them before they become visible.

As explained by the tycoon, in conversation with Financial Timesthe truth is that there is a risk “much higher than 5%” that covid-19 could strike back in the coming weeks or months, with an even worse attack than the first recorded in 2020, the year in which the WHO called it a “pandemic”.