Bill Kaulitz knows the “Bachelor”: “I should have grabbed it”

In his podcast, Bill Kaulitz spoke to his brother Tom about the new bachelor Dominik Jackson and let it be known that he was a bit enthusiastic about him.

Sometimes it feels a bit like everyone really knows everyone in the German celebrity and entertainment scene. Bill Kaulitz (33) also seems to be particularly well connected. Because who would have thought that the “Tokio Hotel” frontman, who now lives in Los Angeles, knows the new “Bachelor”? He revealed that in the latest episode of his podcast “Kaulitz Hills”, which he runs together with his twin brother Tom (33).

Bill Kaulitz knows Dominik Jackson from a joint show

Bill starts the topic by explaining: “Other than that, this week’s press is all about the men for me.” The singer then reports that he has known the new Rosenkavalier David Jackson, whom he calls “D. Jackson” in English, for a long time. In 2021, Bill moderated the show “Perfect Shot” on ProSieben. Influencers have dueled here and tried to take the most spectacular eye-catching photos possible. Kaulitz moderated the whole thing, Jackson was there as a candidate. He seems to have made quite an impression on Bill, because even now he can hardly stop raving about it.

Bill Kaulitz on the bachelor: “We got along really well right away”

“We like each other very, very much and I think he’s great. I wish him a great show,” explains Bill. Then his twin brother jumps in: “Then you also wish him that he found his dream princess.” Bill confirms with “Absolutely!”, but adds: “But I also wish that we might get another chance. We’ll see.” A second chance? What happened between Bill and the Bachelor? It becomes clear that Bill seems to have a crush on Der Rosenkavalier. After all, they got to know each other better on the sidelines of “Perfect Shot”, as the “Tokio Hotel” frontman reveals: “He was a candidate for me and we got along really well and went out together.” After he found out about Dominik’s participation in the RTL format, he immediately got in touch again.

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You can see how the Kaulitz twins celebrated their 33rd birthday in the video.
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Bill Kaulitz is “perhaps a little jealous” of the women in “Bachelor”

“I also wrote to him, directly on Instagram: ‘It’s great that you’re doing this!’ And then I said: ‘If you could have said it, I would have applied!'” Does Bill possibly sense a missed opportunity? At least he explains to Tom: “Now that he’s a ‘bachelor’, I think to myself: ‘Oh, what a pity. Maybe I should have grabbed it!'” His brother also has a pragmatic solution to the problem and suggests: “I can put in a good word for you on RTL. Maybe you can still come in as a latecomer,” but then corrected yourself with the words: “Ah no, it’s already turned off, right?” Bill confirms this and reflects on his feelings about the show: “It’s already gone. And I think if I’m going to watch it now, I might be a little jealous and then maybe I’ll think again: Hm…” Finally, Tom even admonishes his brother: “But don’t interfere. Don’t ruin happy relationships again. You like to do that too.”

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