Bill Kaulitz sure that Helene Fischer would pull blank

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Of: Lisa Klugmayer

Helene Fischer is known for consistently protecting her privacy. The statement by fellow musician Bill Kaulitz is all the more surprising. The “Tokio Hotel” singer is sure that the pop singer would also reveal everything about herself for the right amount.

Cologne – OnlyFans has experienced a real boom in recent years. Because you can quickly earn a lot of money with it, the erotic platform has also become interesting for stars – Laura Müller, for example. Could Helene Fischer (here all Schlager news on the topic page) be next? “Tokio Hotel” singer Bill Kaulitz is certain: If the price is right, “Helene Fischer would also show her nipples”.

Helene FischerGerman pop singer, dancer, entertainer, TV presenter and actress
BornAugust 5, 1984 (age 37), Krasnoyarsk, Russia
size1.58 m
parentsMaria Fischer, Peter Fischer

First media hype, now radio silence again: Helene Fischer is hardly on stage anymore

Helene Fischer (All information about the German pop singer – her career and greatest hits) has hardly been on stage since her album release in autumn 2021 and the birth of her child – she doesn’t have to either. With millions of CDs sold and her sold-out tours, she could announce the end of her career today and still never have to worry about her pension again.

So Helene Fischer is far from being in need of money. Nevertheless, Bill Kaulitz is sure that she would also undress for money – if the amount is right. Helene Fischer on OnlyFans? For loyal fans, this thought is absolutely absurd, since she’s not the type for it at all.

Bill Kaulitz sure that Helene Fischer would pull blank
Helene Fischer performing in Ischgl in 2018. (Archive photo) © Felix Hörhager/dpa

“For 40 million”: Bill Kaulitz sure that Helene Fischer would pull blank

But how did Bill Kaulitz come up with this idea in the first place? Together with his brother, he talks about the OnlyFans money printing machine in the joint podcast. While there’s no way Tom would consider stripping online for money, Bill doesn’t seem so averse.

“You are then the pioneer for many who also wanted to try it,” Tom encourages his brother. Bill agrees, saying, “I think so too! If I do it, Helene Fischer will be there next. If I earn 40 million, I’ll put my hand in the fire for Helene Fischer also showing her nipples. But 100 percent! Faster than you can see.”

Helene Fischer cares about her privacy: There is little information about her life off the stage

A blatant statement! Especially when you consider that Helene Fischer (The most successful German pop singer of all time) is sacred to her privacy. For a long time there weren’t even photos of her and her boyfriend Thomas Seitel together. She keeps all the news about her baby in common – all the information circulating on the net was published “by close people” without her consent.

So it is unlikely that Helene Fischer will actually be seen on OnlyFans at some point. Even if Bill Kaulitz is so sure about it.

Helene Fischer gives a new sign of life on Instagram – fans still complain

Helene Fischer is currently reveling in baby happiness and enjoying her time off. For the first time in two months there is something new on her Instagram profile – but again only from Helene Fischer’s press team. But that’s exactly what makes her fans angry. Sources used: Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood