Bill Kaulitz talks about an unpleasant shopping experience in “Kaulitz Hills”.

Bill Kaulitz has lived in Los Angeles since 2010.

Bill Kaulitz has lived in Los Angeles since 2010. Image: imago / Stephan Wallocha

Christina Hildebrand

Bill Kaulitz has a soft spot for fashion. This is obvious at first glance. Even when things have to be done really quickly, the frontman of Tokio Hotel still values ​​designer goods. But that has recently cost the singer dearly.

In the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood” Bill and Tom Kaulitz talk about everything that happens to them in life. It is not uncommon for Heidi Klum to be mentioned. In the latest issue, however, Bill Kaulitz himself is the focus and tells of an unpleasant shopping experience.

Not a good idea from Bill Kaulitz: shopping under stress

“I urgently needed leather pants,” the singer begins his story. Under time pressure, the musician already had his eye on the business of choice. “I know exactly what I need, I know exactly my size, I run in there, then I had to go to the hairdresser and thought, ‘Okay, very quickly’,” he says in the podcast.

With Bill Kaulitz, however, it wasn’t just any store where he wanted to buy the pants he wanted. The extravagant singer chose a branch of a designer brand. “People go in there, get advice and are served. Of course it’s a luxury business where everyone somehow spends a lot of time and then celebrates that they spend thousands of euros on these clothes.”Bill describes the scenario to his brother.

Bill Kaulitz pays almost twice the price in the luxury shop

He explains the circumstances to the seller in a similar way: “I’m in a hurry, I really don’t want to see anything else, just the leather pants. I try them on very quickly and then I’m out again.” Said and done. The pants fit. On the way to the checkout, however, the singer fell in love with another pair of pants that were hanging in the store and packed them up without further ado. “All right, Mr. Kaulitz, let’s do it very quickly,” the saleswoman assured him, as he tells it.

“That’s how they trick some people into it,” notes Bill Kaulitz afterwards. “She takes my credit card and then charges the price and then I see the price for a moment and think, ‘that’s pretty wow for two pairs of pants.'”

When the singer later got home and took a look at the receipt for the two parts, he realized: “Of course she charged far too much, almost double for one pair of trousers.” A second look at the price tag gave the same result. “It cost half,” the saleswoman “simply charged twice as much,” he says, outraged.

Tom Kaulitz has the explanation ready for his brother: “They do it on purpose, but only with people who see that they can do it. With a complete idiot like you who doesn’t look at the prices.”

Happy ending for Tokio Hotel star

“Exactly” laughs Bill too. In the end, the singer got his money back. The shop assistant even contacted the native of Leipzig personally via cell phone. “Mr. Kaulitz, sorry, but that was the old price [auf dem Preisschild]before we put the prices up,” Bill recalled the news. Nevertheless, the shop decided to patronize the singer and sell the pants for the “old” price.

“What’s that nonsense?” Brother Tom gets upset and finds the behavior of the shop scandalous. But he has another theory. Because it could also be that it is “the new inflationary prices” that almost cost his brother dearly.

Actually, “Because you don’t know what’s happening” is the RTL show where Barbara Schöneberger, Thomas Gottschalk and Günther Jauch come together. And it is only during the show that it turns out which of the three is moderating, while the other two compete against each other.