Bill Mockridge on son Luke: “My father’s heart suffered”

In September 2021, a former partner of Luke Mockridge (33) made allegations against him. He had rejected the allegations, and the Cologne public prosecutor’s office discontinued proceedings. The comedian was slow to venture back into the spotlight. “My father’s heart suffered,” explains father Bill Mockridge (75) in an interview with “Bild am Sonntag” about his son’s difficult time. The entire family suffered with him, “and of course we always stood by him,” says the actor. “Thank god he’s getting better and better, his new tour is going great and he gets a standing ovation every time he goes on stage.”

Bill Mockridge: Shitstorm “was a blatant thing”

At the beginning of January, Luke Mockridge himself spoke about his stage comeback on the Sat.1 show “The best comedians in Germany”. “It’s a wonderful feeling to be back on stage here,” he said, adding, “A year ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be on stage again.” The shit storm “was a blatant thing. That really got me down,” said the comedian. “It happens like this, and you watch your whole world suddenly go up in flames. (…)”

Luke Mockridge’s appearance also provoked criticism on social media. Sat.1 had already shown his program “A Way Back to Luckyland” in December. An initially withdrawn episode of the ZDF “Traumschiff”, in which Luke Mockridge has a guest appearance, was broadcast in December.