Birgit Schrowange: New career path? She sings with Mickie Krause at Ballermann

For some it is the favorite island, for others the absolute party stronghold, but for Birgit Schrowange (63) it is home: the Balearic island of Mallorca. She has settled in Santa Ponça with her fiancé Frank and has been enjoying the lightness of the island since retiring from TV in 2019. But Birgit now seems to have had enough rest and regained her strength. On the one hand, the moderator is moving back to TV with her own formats and, on the other hand, she seems to have discovered another career path on the Germans’ favorite island: Ballermann-Star! Because she rocks the stage with none other than Ballermann superstar Mickie Krause.

We show you the surprising shots of Birgit Schrowange and Mickie Krause in the video above.

Mickie Krause is back on stage

The joint appearance comes only a short time after Mickie Krause opened the Ballermann season. It also marked Mickie’s return to the stage after the singer revealed his prostate cancer. Now that his health is clearly improving after his second operation, he was all the more happy about his stage comeback. “Finally I can work again where others go on vacation. And for me it always feels a bit like vacation. After almost two years of professional ban, I’m all the happier to be able to live out my passion again. And finally the stage again to rock on Mallorca.”