“Bizarre” video: Prince Harry tries as an actor

The reviewer also explains a system that rates travelers based on their green credentials – just like people currently rate travel destinations. Darby gives Harry three stars out of five and commends him for using only one towel during his stay, buying local honey and not leaving the tap on while brushing his teeth – while Harry marvels at where he got all of those information about his person.

Suddenly, another recruiting agent, played by Fane, jumps out of the bushes, saying that he should have rated the prince and that Darby mistook a “Harry Styley” for “Stylish Harry”.

Darby tells Harry that he does get four stars and stamps his arm for it. Just then, the boss of the two appraisal agents, played by Owen, comes by in a van and greets Harry in Maori. When asked how he’s doing, Harry replies “Kei te pai,” meaning “I’m fine,” and admits that the review got him thinking.

“Embarrassing”: mockery for video with Prince Harry

However, the response to Harry’s acting debut hasn’t been exactly flattering. The Daily Mail describes the clip as “bizarre”. Mirror as “embarrassing”.