Blake Lively jokes about her pregnancy on Instagram

blake lively jokes about her pregnant belly

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            It does not surprise us at all that Blake Lively is one of the most beloved celebrities in Hollywood, seeing the charisma that she exudes on social networks. The one who played the iconic Serena Van der Woodsen in ‘Gossip Girl’ has always shown that she has a sense of humor more than enough. If she’s one of Lively’s more than 37 million followers on Instagram, you’ll already be aware of the usual pranks she plays on her husband, Ryan Reynolds (which is mutual). But without a doubt what we like the most is when she laughs at herselfsomething that also often does.

            If she had already conquered you with her natural photos showing her tousled hair, wait until you see her latest publication. The actress, who is expecting her fourth child together with Ryan Reynolds, has shown her pregnant belly in the funniest way. It is a montage in which she compares her body before she was pregnant with the one she currently looks like (in this second, her advanced state of pregnancy is more than evident). In both she appears with the same pose and accompanied by her personal trainer, Don Saladino. “I’ve been doing @donsaladino’s training program for months now. Something’s not working”she writes, displaying the humor that characterizes her.

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            As expected, the publication has been very well received by his followers (it already accumulates more than 2 million ‘likes’, we won’t tell you more), which is it so We are waiting for the arrival of the new baby into the world. The actress announced the good news about her on a red carpet a few weeks ago, and she didn’t need words from her: her obvious pregnant belly already said it all. Both Blake and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, are quite cautious when it comes to showing her private life and hardly any photos of her pregnancy have come out, except for a carousel that she posted on Instagram to avoid harassment from the press.