Blow to Belinda: Christian Nodal’s ex-lover reappears and confirms that they had a 7-month affair

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Mexico City.- The singer from Sonora Christian Nodal is involved in a tremendous scandal because a Ex lover leaked details of the intimate encounters he had with the ex-boyfriend of Belinda.

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This is the adult content actress Andrea Fonsecawho is originally from Venezuela and who recently uncovered that she had a love affair with the interpreter Goodbye Love Y We are no longer nor will we be for 7 months. It was unfaithful to his ex-fiancée?

On a well-known YouTube channel, the voluminous model revealed that she had dated a “famous Mexican singer” and although she refused to reveal the name of this character, she referred to Beli when talking about him.

The adult content creator commented that she met Christian through a person who works on her staff and explained that they had dated “casually” for seven long months.

After unleashing tremendous controversy, now Andreina gave an exclusive interview to TV and novels to point out that at no time did he want to harm Nodal and that the youtuber who leaked the interview did so without his authorization.

We weren’t even boyfriends, it was something X. I did not even want it to be known, and I complained to the person who uploaded the video because it can get me into a legal problem, when I did not authorize anything at all, “she said.

Fonseca assured that his relationship with Christian was informal and stressed that he still did not even know Belinda, but he did mention his ex-girlfriend Maria Fernanda Guzman but she also assured that she was not cheated on either.

I casually met him, but it didn’t get any bigger, there was never anything written, it was never anything, nor did we get to take a picture… I was just arriving in Mexico and obviously I’m much older than him, I must have been about six years older than him, but it was something casual, we went out and it’s over,” he said.

To finish, the Venezuelan stressed that she does not seek to become famous at the expense of these statements and added:

Not at all, in fact, I’m super worried. What a bad feeling that someone wants to make money with something that I said at the time without intention. I didn’t do it to become famous, I don’t need it, nor is it the way I like to be in this medium, much less talking about something that doesn’t even have a place right now.”

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