Blow to Nodal: After showing off with a new conquest, Belinda’s mother strikes back on TV Azteca

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Mexico City.- After leaking photos of Christian Nodal with a mysterious woman in Honduras, the mother of Belinda gives exclusive to the program windowing from Aztec TV and reveals how her daughter handles breaking off.

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Even though the lady Belinda Schull She is very reserved about the personal life of her famous daughter, on this occasion she decided to be honest and tell how the artist is after puttingend your engagement with the Sonoran singer.

What has happened to her is writing some impressive songs, of heartbreak, of love, that is, what all this does is that it awakens the soul more because you suffer and the truth is that working is like a lifesaver at the moment and she is there very focused on the series, on the music, and it’s like a lifesaver, I thank God for that,” she said.

However, Doña Belinda considers that the young woman should wait a little longer to give herself a new opportunity in the sentimental field, because upon hearing the question about whether the interpreter is open to loveimmediately said:

Now nothing more than concentrating on work, great projects are coming, this series has incredible expectations, it premieres tomorrow, it will be a smash hit, there is a lot of expectation, she is very committed now working hard there.

And to emphasize that her daughter only thinks about her profession, she said that she is currently filming the second season of the series. welcome to edenfrom the Netflix platform.

She is working, right now she is locked up on an island because it is a very cool concept where they go on a boat, they are going to be kidnapped, they are going to make them suffer all kinds of things, it is the second season, we have 2 songs in the series and it is going to be something brutal,” he said.

Likewise, the singer’s mother revealed some of her daughter’s upcoming projects: “We are going to be in Cannesat an event of the Eva Longoria Foundationfrom there we will be in Barcelona and we will also be at the Machaca Festival too”.

During his presence at the San Marcos FairBelinda Schull was also surprised to report that together with her daughter they opened a label to give opportunities to new promises.

Yes, well, look, we have always created music, we support new talent, it is an opportunity that they can be here next to Nicky Jam, they are two great promises of the urban genre, and Beli, you know that she was always born singing, we will also be with Danny Ocean,” he concluded.

Moment from minute 37:10 of the video:

It should be remembered that this Friday several photographs of Nodal emerged with a young woman, apparently from SinaloaUpon arriving at Honduras by private plane.

The singer has already made it clear that he only has “friends” in his personal life, however, speculation about a new romance was the order of the day.

Source: Instagram @chamonic3 and @supportnodeli, Ventaneando, Mexico Agency