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A few days ago he showed up Lucha Libre in Times of Covid, a documentary starring some idols of this sport in Mexico, among which are Fray Tormenta, Huracán Ramírez Jr., Pirata Morgan and the son and heir of the so-called “Blue Legend” Blue Demon, who has been known for 36 years as Blue Demon Jr.

The audiovisual work portrays the effects that the pandemic caused in a sport like this, which, unlike other more popular ones, does not have the backing of great owners and brands that support it.

“We really had and we have to reinvent ourselves,” says Blue Demon Jr., in an interview with The Sun of Mexico. “The truth is that we have worked very little, sometimes with minimal capacity and even behind closed doors, which has affected us and has made us one of the most affected sports. Many have started doing different things, so they already miss them, we miss working, ”he says.

And precisely speaking of reinventing himself, that is one of the maxims that the masked man has put into practice for many years, not only appearing on TV shows and movies, but also becoming interested in politics and above all marketing all kinds of products alluding to his brand, from comics to mezcal, but mainly masks and t-shirts, which tells us that they are the ones most in demand.

In any case, it ensures that its commercial activities were also affected by the pandemic and the consequent economic crisis:

“Everything I do is also sales, and a good part of the sales was also stopped, because people had no jobs, no money; many were laid off or affected, many became ill and many unfortunately lost their lives, so it was a medium hit from many sides ”.

That was why the reinvention had to take place in other ways:

“Fortunately I reinvented myself: I started to go out to sign autographs to places where there were traffic lights that allowed us to do so, with which some tickets returned… Yes, it has been difficult to stay, but I also think that all this tests our abilities to go out. go ahead, ”he adds.


Another issue we learned about the fighter during the first year of the pandemic was politics. Although since the last decade he has been very active taking part in demonstrations and taking his photo with characters such as former president Felipe Calderón, already in 2020 Blue Demon Jr. made the news for his intention to seek a candidacy for Mayor Gustavo A. Madero for part of the Progressive Social Networks party (RSP), although in the end he got off that train.

I did not want to, I valued it and I thought it was not the right time because there was already a lot of effervescence against the actors, actresses and athletes that we started doing this, plus I still have a little more to give in wrestling and (of continue in politics) I was not going to be able to be one hundred percent in that position… I was going to have to divide myself and I think I cannot attend to two different and highly requested issues such as wrestling and politics, ”he confesses.

So you don’t rule out returning to politics one day.

No, it is something that I bring here; I really like helping people. I will always see for the good of the Mexican, so why not help them? But it also depends a lot on what we can build, because everything I have built I have done in a philanthropic and very personal way. I don’t like being talked about that kind of thing, because that’s why they’re philanthropic, but I really think I’ll have to do more public things for my people and build a political career to be ready when the time comes.

And speaking of things that the pandemic brought, Blue Demon Jr. says that the difficult moments served him to detect characters who were close to him, and not in the most disinterested way:

“I detected many promoters and many pseudo friends, so I took advantage, as they say, to“ clean the house ”, clear schedules, and start with everything new, because then, in moments like that is when you really realize that there is a lot of falsehood, both in the environment and in the people around you ”.

There will no longer be a Disney movie

About the tape UltraViolet and Blue Demon that last year it was announced that the transnational was preparing in order to pay tribute to wrestling, the masked man says that he left the project:

“I am out… There were many situations with which I did not agree and I chose to thank. I wanted to give the Mexican a place and take care of what wrestling is, but they did not understand exactly that, they wanted to do many things and I said better not, so I will wait to do my own project, when it is possible. do as it should be, dignifying the Mexican and wrestling “.

Besides being interested in sports, politics and sales, is there something else that you are passionate about that we don’t know about?

Yes, in addition to being with my family and writing, I also like to paint … I have painted since I was very young, when I had the opportunity to be with the Oaxacan painter Manuel de Cisneros. In fact, sometimes I would make a painting and pass it to him so that he could finish it or then he would send me one for me to finish, so we have a co-authorship of several paintings. And I don’t just paint on issues related to the fight, I paint everything; I have pictures, paintings made on newspaper with acrylic, and so on, many paintings. I hope that soon we will have a place to expose them or maybe a gallery that I want to open will do, where you can also buy shirts, caps, masks, dolls and everything we have of souvenirs.

The fighter takes the opportunity to report that, although there are some physical stores that sell his merchandise, at the moment the only ways to get official material are his Instagram profile and the events where he presents himself.

Now that everything is reopening, are you back in the ring yet?

Yes, but we have the measured capacity, suddenly it is 30 or 40 percent and we have to make adjustments to everything, such as adjusting salaries and many other things, because to activate an economy not only of the fighters, but of the box office, the popcorn vendors, maskers, ushers, cleaning people, and everyone involved in the wrestling show

Another thing that perhaps people do not know is that you have a degree in Computer Systems. Did you exercise that race?

No … Rather, it was a condition that my dad gave me so that I could be a professional wrestler. And, although I did it, immediately after finishing I dedicated myself one hundred percent to wrestling, so there was no longer an opportunity to do so.

What has been your most difficult moment in the ring?

I can tell you for sure that the most difficult was the fight between the mask and the hair against Dr. Wagner, because there came a time when I already had an artery in my head completely open, I was literally emptying myself and it was already beginning. to erase the sight, but I was fighting and defending my mask, although there were times when I already felt like I was going to pass out. But then I said: How am I going to lose my mask like this, passed out? Then I got strength from weakness and I think that was what helped me, something that my dad taught me by the way.

And the most complicated down the ring?

I believe that the death of my father, in my arms.

What has been Blue Demon Jr.’s greatest achievement?

I believe that the recognition of people as an individual character, separating me from my dad… The fact that people already place me as Blue Demon Jr. I think has been one of the best awards that people can give me.

What are the pros and cons of being the son of a legend that size?

That you are watched, literally. That you are under the scrutiny of people and then they compare you. Besides that for any little detail they demonize you, they burn you alive! It is very curious, because you can do three thousand good things, but one little detail can spoil everything.

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