Blue Origin manager instead of US comedian Davidson at All-Flug

Pete Davidson will not be on Blue Origin’s fourth short trip into space. Instead, a manager from the space company flies with them.

the essentials in brief

  • Pete Davidson isn’t supposed to be part of Blue Origin’s short space trip.
  • A manager from Blue Origin is now flying in his place.

The US comedian Pete Davidson should not take a short trip to space after all. In his place, manager Gary Lai of Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin will fly.

Lai has worked at Blue Origin since 2004 and helped design the New Shepard missile system. The company announced on Monday that he would be on the flight next Tuesday (March 29).

The space trip was originally planned for March 23 – with Davidson as the “guest of honor”. After the postponement, the comedian was no longer able to be there, Blue Origin had announced.

The five other passengers for the approximately ten-minute flight remain the same. Entrepreneurs Marty Allen, Jim Kitchen, George Nield as well as Sharon and Marc Hagle are also part of the party.

Jeff Bezos takes celebs into space for commercials

It would be Blue Origin’s fourth manned space flight: the first in July 2021 included Amazon founder Bezos himself on board. The second was attended by 90-year-old actor of “Captain Kirk” from “Star Trek”, William Shatner.

A flight by 28-year-old Davidson would have been another PR coup for Blue Origin founder Bezos. This would have addressed completely different advertising target groups.

Davidson is best known for his appearances on the cult comedy series Saturday Night Live. Alongside his new girlfriend Kim Kardashian, he’s been making headlines all the time. Blue Origin initially did not say whether the comedian could fly into space at a later date.

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