Bolivians celebrate mega wedding with 10,000 guests and Américo show in Brazil

This time it’s a wedding party, with 10,000 guests and the stellar performance of the cumbia singer americothe opulent celebration of some Bolivians that went viral on social networks.

Last weekend, the couple of entrepreneurs from the textile industry Lisbeth Lopez and Juan Guzman They celebrated their wedding in a mega party which took place in the Phillips room, in Guarulhos, the same place where a few weeks ago another Bolivian celebrated her 15th birthday with more than 6,000 guests and the artist L-Ghent, one of the musicians of the moment in the continent.

After the viralization of a video of their unionthe bride and groom spoke to the press, confirming that the celebration cost them more than $50,000 and that initially 1,000 people invited that were multiplied by the supply of artists.

The Chilean musician Américo shared some photos of the party and thanked the couple for inviting him to be part of their celebration.

“It’s that last night we gave it all… literally. Thank you, Juan and Lisbeth, owners of such a nice party for inviting us (…). If you want to know if people came to the event… yesYou just have to see the last photo… it’s just that they went too far“wrote the interpreter.

López and Guzmán revealed part of their story to the Bolivian media; he migrated to Brazil 22 years ago with his family and she arrived alone 11 years ago. They both started with sewing and worked tirelessly.

“I came as we all come from our country, to work and help our parents. When I arrived I was seamstress”said Lisbeth who today works at the manufacture of women’s clothing and that he said he was happy for the success of his party.

The moments of the night

In the images that circulate on the networks, other great moments of the evening are also observed and that rescue part of the culture of the bride and groom, such as when they dance cueca or when they are joined on the dance floor by their 12 ladies and 12 gentlemen of honor.

The musical billboard of the night also had the Bolivian groups Eclipse, Pacha America, Yoga and Titanium.