“Bond Girl” Eva Green: Dispute over millions in fee for film not shot

Mud fight in court

Evidence presented in court, however, should prove Green’s supposed affectations. Messages presented to the court, said to have been sent during the film’s pre-production, reveal disputes between Green and the financier White Lantern and the executive producers JakeSeal and Terry Bird occupy.

Eva Green: “A shitty B-movie”

Green reportedly called Bird a “damn idiot” and allegedly sent messages calling potential crew members “fucking pawns”. She called executive producer Seal “evil” and “the devil” and complained to him that the film was “a crappy B-movie” that she feared could end her career.

“I said that, yes,” admitted the actress on trial, but stressed that if it had originally been presented as a low-budget film, she wouldn’t have signed the contract for “A Patriot.”

“Making a B-movie, a low-quality film, is bad for your reputation,” Lantern’s rep said. “Absolutely, if an actor appears in a B-movie, you’re labeled a B-actor, you’re never offered quality work again,” Green reportedly said. “It could kill my career.”

Also on Monday morning, the film’s writer-director said, Dan Pringle, out in court. Pringle wrote in a message that he, Ms Green and producer Adam Merrifield were discussing whether they “want to proceed with the new structure,” but added, “Right now, the three of us would obviously prefer to eat tumors.”

“I regret saying that as I shouldn’t be speaking on behalf of Adam and Eve,” the filmmaker said in court.

Eva Green apologizes for ‘inappropriate language’

Green also later regrets her choice of words.

“I acknowledge that in some of my emails and messages throughout August and September 2019 I used inappropriate language and said some horrible things, particularly about Jake and Terry, and I apologize for influencing those wisely expressed,” the actress defended. “However, I did so at a time of extreme stress and anxiety, and at times out of sheer frustration at the lack of progress in production and what I perceived or took to be examples of unprofessionalism.”