Bonny Lovy provokes controversy on social networks with a video that anticipates her new song

January 13, 2022, 3:32 PM

January 13, 2022, 3:32 PM

Bonny Lovy published a video on her social networks this Wednesday in which she anticipates her next song “Loco de remate”. As everything that the artist from Santa Cruz does or publishes generates a lot of expectations, this video was no exception. However, The publication caused controversy among his followers, who on the one hand questioned the content of the video and the lyrics of the song and by others, those who came out to defend the artist and support him.

In the video, which a few hours after it was posted on social networks already had almost nine thousand views on Facebook alone and more than a thousand comments, the singer is seen with a group of friends in a recording studio and drinking alcoholic beverages, while they chant the lyrics of the song in a cumbia rhythm, which talks about getting drunk due to a disappointment in love and in between there are some insults and obscene gestures towards the camera.

Just to clarify, who brought the alcohol was me…I needed to record everyone’s chorus but make it sound like they’re really drunkI had to capture those real voices not faked… that’s why we’re drinking in this studio session my people, you know the level of detail 👌✨‼️ The song is called ‘Loco De Remate’ and we had to be at that moment”, wrote the artist.

However, not everyone found it funny and began to criticize it.. “Thank you for giving the explanation bonny, that indicates that you are respectful of your public who love you. But there was no need for the video, showing the crass, his swearing and his hand signs, which are not good examples for our children who follow you. Thank you. To continue with more hits Bonny Lovy”, wrote Eimmy Cruz.

“Totally reprehensible the message you transmit in your video, Being able to be light, you are preferring to become darkness in the lives of many children and young people”, said Carola Choque.

A piece of advice brother….. delete this video. Seeing it just made me embarrassed. ANDYou are a professional and act as such, brother,” commented Carlos Montero and Leo Jes said: “It’s okay The topic seems good to me but… Edit more, these videos that you are going to upload… They clearly have their why. But…” For his part, Tito Lipa commented “The music is good, I am a fan of what you do, however, some excess out there does not add up. Take care of your image and keep your level”

These and other critical comments to Bonny Lovy generated discussions among the followers of the artist’s account, but there were also those who supported the author of “Bolivian Cumbia”

“Don’t worry, what an explanation you shouldn’t give to anyone only to court hahaha we know the capacity of their music We are already waiting for it ”, wrote Gabriel Cardona

They complain because they are drinking, that the lyrics are obscene, that they have a small audience and their children listen and watch the videos of Bad Bunny and the others where they go out smoking marijuana, almost naked girls and other things parents who drink in front of their children at parties finally the hypotenuse”, questioned María José Suárez

Watch the controversial video: