Bono and The Edge give a surprise concert in a Ukrainian subway

Ukraine.- This Sunday the Irish singer Bond visited Ukraine together with guitarist The Edgeand moved between the bombed Borodyanka and Irpin and the Bucha mass grave, devastated areas in Ukraine after the passage of Russian troops.

This day is very special for the country invaded by the Russian army, because it celebrates for the first time on May 8 the “Victory Day against Nazism”, which was previously commemorated on May 9.

And also today marks a month since the song “Walk on Ukraine” that the leader of the band U2 published and dedicated to the Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion. Therefore, at the request of the president Volodymyr Zelenskythe interpreter went to the areas most affected by the invasion.

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According to information from EFEBono surprised everyone by spontaneously offering a concert at the kyiv metro station, which he did as a personal contribution with the aim of making a global call for peace, which coincided with the so-called “Day of Peace”. Victory over Nazi Germany” and the end of World War II in Europe.

The visit coincided with the so-called “Victory Day over Nazi Germany”. Photo: EFE.

We all pray with you that you can reach peace soon,” Bono said.

This statement could be seen in a video that is circulating on the platform Youtube and by various Ukrainian websites, which allude to the bloody Irish conflict and the war that Ukrainians are now experiencing.

The also Irish activist took the microphone, and together with the guitarist The Edgeperformed some mythical songs from their repertoire such as “Desire” and “With or without you”, for the groups of citizens who were present at the station, although the moment of greatest exaltation occurred when they sang “Stand by me”.

The famous surprised everyone by interpreting mythical songs by U2. Photo: EFE.

Undoubtedly the performance Bond It left everyone shocked because it was taken by surprise, since it was only thought that he would visit the affected areas as part of the singer’s activities in humanitarian causes in various parts of the world, be it in situations of war, against hunger or against global havoc. but without warning he took the microphone and organized a show case.

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