Bono and The Edge set up a concert at a subway station in kyiv, Ukraine

U2 frontman Bono and the band’s guitarist The Edge gave a small concert this Sunday from a subway station in kyiv, Ukraineenabled as a bomb shelter, and later visited several cities destroyed by the Russian invasion.

“We all pray with you that you can reach peace soon,” Bono said, according to a video posted on YouTube.

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The Irish singer and activist took the microphone and interpreted for groups of citizens gathered at the station some mythical pieces from his repertoire, such as Desire and With or without you, although the crucial moment came when he sang Stand by me.

Bono’s performance came as a surprise, without warningand within the singer’s activities in humanitarian causes in various parts of the world, whether in situations of war, against hunger or against global havoc.

Visit war-torn cities

Just a month after publishing his song Walk on Ukrainededicated to Ukrainian victims of the Russian invasion, Bono visited some of the areas most affected by the invasionhe said, at the request of President Volodymyr Zelensky, with whom he will meet later.

In the bombed-out Borodyanka, after reading a poem next to the statue of the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko, expressed confidence that the young people of Russia will change and kick out President Putin.

As he explained to journalists, President Zelensky asked him to be present on the day of Victory against Nazismwhich Ukraine celebrates for the first time a day before Russia and the rest of the former Soviet republics.

“The Russians call Victory Day tomorrow, and this has changed,” said Bono, who further denounced that the war in Ukraine is a one-man warreferring to the Russian president.

In Bucha, where he was received by a priest who explained to him the processes of exhumation and identification of corpses, Bono was interested in how the Russian Church could explain and justify such destruction to its faithful.. After visiting the grave, the U2 singer entered the temple to, according to what he said, be calm and quiet in a private environment.

Also The Edge, the guitarist of the band, went with him to Borodyanka and denounced that the Russians attack poets. “That means they are afraid of art”assured the journalists.

Both Bono and The Edge were received by authorities from the three municipalities who explained to them the atrocities that the Russian occupiers carried out in those areas, where life gradually returns to life amidst a landscape of destruction.

Bucha, a city near kyiv with just over 35,000 inhabitants, was taken by Russian forces on March 31. When she was released on April 2, streets littered with the bodies of men in civilian clothes and even women and children were discovered.

At least 280 bodies were found, some with severed hands, in a massacre being investigated as a possible war crime by Russia.

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In Irpin, the shelling destroyed about 70 percent of the built-up areas, much of it residential, and in Borodyanka, Russian missiles damaged half of its buildings.