Booba: About to market its own brand of weed, Internet users are crazy!

Decidedly, Booba will never cease to amaze us. In recent years, the Duke of Boulogne has left rap aside to subscribe to a new art, the clash on social networks. Although he lives his best life in Miami with his two children, the 45-year-old artist spends his time reacting to current events and tackling his little rap game comrades. Gims, Medina, Vald, Rohff, Kaaris, Orelsan, Nekfeu… All have been in B2O’s sights. But the music industry is not the only workhorse of the father of the family. Lately, his particularly shocking, even pro-Russian remarks on the war in Ukraine have outraged the Web. Indeed, the latter broke his contract with the Puma brand of which he was the effigy, after the latter closed its stores in Russia to support the Ukrainian people. A particularly ambiguous position… As a reminder, thousands of Ukrainians, men, women and children have died since the beginning of the Russian invasion. And rapes of women and children resulting in death have been denounced.

Booba launches its weekday brand and tests it on video

In short, each extremely controversial speech by Booba, agitates the media and Internet users. And the latest is fortunately less dramatic than his clashes or his remarks on Ukraine. Indeed, the rapper has just unveiled the upcoming release of his own brand of weed, the B-45, in a video relayed by the Instagram account Raprnblemag. On the images, we see the artist, announcing the future marketing of his brand of weed. The duke reveals having collaborated with the Dutch company, Silent Seeds, a ” bank “ cannabis seeds. Like a perfect influencer, B2O tested its product on video. “Exclusively, I will be lighting the first joint of my own weed the B-45. An aftertaste of the Netherlands, slightly fruity, it begins to rise. Too much THC”, he swung. Noting that the THC level in his weed was 30%. Preventing him from selling it on French soil, since the legal maximum in France is 0.2% THC… Quite a difference, then.

Instagram account of raprnblemag

If Booba ranks among the greatest French rappers, he is also a fan of entrepreneurship. Indeed, strong in his career, the rapper has launched several brands in recent years. In October 2017, the artist launched his own whisky, titled “DUC”. Then, two years later, in May 2019, his clothing brand, called DCNTD. his shop, Piracyis located in Châtelet in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.