Booba and Julien Courbet, the duo we didn’t expect: “It’s going to shit my Juju”

The rapper and the host offered Internet users a lunar exchange on social networks. “So this is the multiverse“, “A master class” or “You are a phew Juju“, can we read in the comments. It must be said that the two men have gone all out to amuse the gallery.

Booba has been waging a fierce fight for a while against Magali Berdah, a famous representative of reality TV personalities whom he accuses of deceptive commercial practices. In one of his daily attacks, the interpreter of Boulbi highlighted a passage from Julien Courbet’s radio show It can happen to you. In the excerpt from the program dedicated to the defense of consumers, we hear a victim pronounce the name of Berdah. To which the host replied: “We will check if it is the same Berdah.”

This is where the exchanges begin. “He will check after the holidays he said, the guy, he deals with gate heights and wedding dresses delivered too small…” And one thing leading to another, after several very second-degree tweets, B2O offers a duo called the “city ​​gang portal“, he even took care to make a montage of the two men… In front of a gate of course. “I have already reserved the studio, it will shit my Juju!!!“Both men are very present on Twitter. If their feat will probably never see the light of day, there is no doubt that the duo of “Internet“Risk of coming back. It promises.