Booba clashes violently Gims who prays underwater!

This war between Booba and Gims now dates back to a few years ago. The Duke had been singled out by the interpreter of Bella in a case of purchases of fakestreams on the platforms. As if that were not enough, a video in which we can see the darling of Demdem praying for the fall of his opponent had made the rounds of social networks. As a result, the latter had qualified him as a sorcerer and a marabout. Particularly ironic terms that the leader of the Sexion d’Assaut had taken as insults. He then rose up in response to his adversary.

Booba does not mince his words to tackle Gims

Hostilities had recently resumed between Gims and Booba. Luna and Omar’s dad having multiplied the attacks against Gims and Demdem. He had even implicated Rohff at some point by accusing him of having slept with his opponent’s darling. If this war is currently taking a completely different turn, the two rappers are expecting each other at the turn. The slightest false step can be fatal for one as for the other.

Gims was this time the target of Booba when the latter came across a video in which the interpreter of Bella prays fully clothed in the water. However, the response from Demdem was not long in coming. She had then pointed out his stupidity that he did not understand the sequence. A heated exchange then followed.