Boris Becker: ER stands by the tennis star in prison

Boris Becker: prison buddy! HE doesn’t leave the tennis legend’s side in jail

Custody? Arrest? What these police terms really mean

Custody? Arrest? What these police terms really mean

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tennis star Boris Becker has now been in prison for about a week. Many of his fans would rather not imagine how he is doing there.

However, it has now been revealed that Boris Becker has a minder in jail.

Boris Becker in prison: Now he ekes out a sad existence

Not much is left of the early glamour! Boris Becker is one of Germany’s most famous athletes of all time, lived a life of luxury for a long time. However, that’s exactly what got to his feet at some point. In 2002, the now 54-year-old was given a suspended sentence for tax evasion. The final crash followed in 2022: A London court sentenced Becker to two and a half years in prison for bankruptcy offences. The former cleaner has been in prison in England since April 29, 2022.

What the Olympic champion found there must have been a real “culture shock” for him. As reported by “Bild”, he is now eking out his existence in a barren prison cell. According to the medium, he currently has it to himself. He was only allowed to leave her for the distribution of food and about 30 minutes a day for his leave. Becker is also currently taking part in introductory courses.

Although there are of course many other prisoners in Wandsworth Prison, there are lonely months ahead of Boris Becker. Apparently, he is only allowed to have contact with other prisoners during so-called social time – and according to “Bild”, Becker only gets that twice a week for around 30 minutes.

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Boris Becker has a prison buddy

However, Boris Becker is not completely on his own in jail, because as a prison employee said, “picture“ is said to have revealed that an older prisoner is standing by his side. “These are older, respected inmates. They take care of the new ones. Often they are religious, go into the cells with the Bible, offer to help,” the source is quoted as saying by the paper.

Such prison buddies are called “listeners”. Such a “listener”, as one would call it in German, is intended as a later cell comrade for the ex-tennis professional.


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Only the 54-year-old himself knows whether Boris Becker is happy about this support or, given the fact that it is still a matter of complete strangers, would rather be alone in his cell.

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